Why Do We Check In?

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“I did not want to be mayor of my dentist’s office. Why did I even check in?” read a tweet posted last week by Digital First Media’s Steve Buttry. Buttry was echoing a thought that I’ve had a lot lately about my own habit of checking in to Foursquare: I don’t know exactly why I’m checking in, or what I get out of it — yet I do it anyway, usually several times per day.

Street Fight Daily: Glassmap and Privacy, Judging Highlight

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups...

Why Highlight Wasn’t A Breakout Success At SXSW (TechCrunch)

Glassmap’s Founders Get Clear About Online Privacy (GigaOm)

Retailers Strike Back in Mobile Wars With … People (Ad Age)

Street Fight to Participate at First Euro Deals Event

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There are over 1500 daily dealers operating in Europe, and Stavros Prodromou, the conference’s organizer, says that the event is meant to spur collaborations and partnerships between the various companies working in the space…