How Local News Publishers Can Win SMB Ads Against Facebook: A Case Study

We know that local news providers can compete with Facebook for brand advertisers. But what about publishers also capturing SMBs—is that too much of a stretch? Michael Dinan, editor of the profitable local news site New Canaanite in suburban Connecticut, has some answers.

How Facebook’s Big Changes Impact One Local Publisher — Some Surprising Conclusions

“It looks as if Facebook’s changes are only going to help New Canaanite’s visibility in the news feeds of our Facebook followers and their networks,” Michael Dinan, the site’s founder, told our columnist Tom Grubisich.

Street Fight Daily: Mobile Commerce Grows, Publishers Seek Collective Bargaining with Platforms

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… As Retailers Leverage Robust Visuals and Efficient Interfaces, Mobile Commerce Grows… Legislation Could Give Publishers a New Weapon Against Facebook and Google… Snap Is Laying Off About 100 Engineers…

Ex-Patcher Uses ‘Local Language’ to Succeed in Crowded Suburban Market

Mike Dinan founded in suburban Connecticut in 2014 after his job as regional editor at Patch disappeared. In this interview, Dinan tells how, despite a crowded local media market, he’s made New Canaanite succeed as a community force and independent business.

Life After Patch: Finding Success in Community Publishing as a One-Person Operation

Two years ago, Aol’s sale of Patch to Hale Global prompted a number of the company’s former editors to found their own independent sites. Michael Dinan, who had held major Patch posts in suburban Connecticut, was one of them. In this Q & A, we see how he and are faring.

Community News and the Long Game: An ‘Indie’ Makes a Case for the ‘One-Off’

Community news has a decade-plus of digital publishing experience, but it’s not yet clear which kind of community platforms will be winners. New Canaanite founder Michael Dinan has many perspectives on the issue…

Up Close and Personal: Ex-Patcher Tells How He Went Independent

Michael Dinan was senior regional editor for Patch in suburban Connecticut when he — along with hundreds of other editorial staffers — was terminated in January as part of Aol’s deal to sell most of the community news network to Hale Global. After the blow fell, he turned around and set up the independent site New Canaanite within days — and expanded it to a collaborative network in suburban Connecticut shortly thereafter…