A Site to Suss Out What a Local Neighborhood Is Actually Like

CEO Ann Montgomery created Nabewise to be an online repository for specific information about neighborhoods in cities around the country — uncovering the type of stuff a local would know, but which someone visiting for the day (perhaps to see if they wanted to move there) would never uncover…

Street Fight Daily: Glassmap and Privacy, Judging Highlight

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups...

Why Highlight Wasn’t A Breakout Success At SXSW (TechCrunch)

Glassmap’s Founders Get Clear About Online Privacy (GigaOm)

Retailers Strike Back in Mobile Wars With … People (Ad Age)

Real Estate Content Beyond the Listings

At the Street Fight Summit, speakers regularly mentioned that many local businesses are far behind the curve not just on hyperlocal marketing, but also in terms of a basic Web presence. No industry is better positioned to lead the way than real estate, said WellcomeMat founder Phil Thomas Di Giulio during a panel on Wednesday afternoon. The panel, […]