Real Estate Content Beyond the Listings

At the Street Fight Summit, speakers regularly mentioned that many local businesses are far behind the curve not just on hyperlocal marketing, but also in terms of a basic Web presence. No industry is better positioned to lead the way than real estate, said WellcomeMat founder Phil Thomas Di Giulio during a panel on Wednesday afternoon. The panel, […]

LBS and Retail: Big Brands vs. Small Merchants

Big brands and small businesses see value in location-based technology differently — but both are competing for the same mobile consumer. That was a key takeaway from a panel about location-based services on day two of the Street Fight Summit, moderated by Doug Stephens, president of Retail Prophet.

Yipit’s Vacanti: Groupon’s Bubble Has Burst

Has the bubble burst in the daily deals industry? Vinicius Vacanti, co-founder of Yipit, addressed this question while kicking off the second day of the Street Fight Summit in New York today. The Groupon valuation bubble might have burst, but the daily deals industry and the big players in it are alive and well, he said. Businesses are […]

GoLocal Takes on Traditional News in R.I.

In an afternoon presentation during the second day of the Street Fight Summit on Wednesday in New York, GoLocal co-founder Josh Fenton took the stage and explained: “It’s all about content.”

Foursquare GM Cohen: ‘Save’ Button Coming Soon

In a fireside chat with Jeff Jarvis on the first day of the inaugural Street Fight Summit, Foursquare’s Evan Cohen said his company’s laser focus on location and mobile gives it a big advantage over other social companies. He noted that Facebook Places quickly flopped while Foursquare’s numbers kept growing. “We won a very exciting battle, and I feel good about it, but I won’t say we’ve won the war,” Cohen said…

CBS Pairs Traditional and Digital Media to Reach Consumers

On the first day of the inaugural Street Fight Summit, Ezra Kucharz, president of CBS Local Digital Media, said that TV and radio are not going anywhere, but that broadcasting will continue to integrate more with online and mobile. CBS has dramatically reshaped its local online properties to combine content across platforms, resulting in major traffic growth over the past year…

Patch vs. Main Street Connect: How Will Hyperlocal Scale?

Does size really matter in hyperlocal? Publishers debated the point on a panel during the first day of the Street Fight Summit. Patch CEO Warren Webster, naturally, said yes: “2010 was all about scaling up. We do believe that size is important.” Main Street Connect CEO Carll Tucker disagreed, saying that his publication started small and built outward, not wanting to “mass produce and see the wheels fall off.”

Fwix CEO: Readying Content for Location and Mobile

Darian Shirazi, CEO of the geo-tagging startup Fwix, dubbed a new acronym during his keynote speech during the first day of the Street Fight Summit in New York. Shirazi says that LSO, or Location Search Optimization, is the next step in an ongoing process of web optimization…