6 Platforms for On-Demand Doctor House Calls

Using location-based mobile technology, vendors are modernizing the concept of physician house calls. For a price, consumers in most metropolitan areas can order up a doctor just like they would a pizza. Here are six platforms that consumers can use to bring healthcare providers to their doorsteps.

Could Healthcare Be Local Tech’s Next Big Opportunity?

The botched launch of the Healthcare.gov has brought the healthcare industry — and its dysfunction — to center stage. But in the private sector, startups like ZocDoc and iCouch.me are quietly reinventing the ways patients are discovering and buying healthcare services locally, building a familar feature set that navigates the complex network of insurance companies, doctors and healthcare providers. Street Fight recently caught up with Sam Zebarjadi, Medicast’s co-founder and CEO, to find out more about how digital healthcare tools are being shaped for local markets…