Q2 Earnings: Mobile Users Driving Yelp’s Growth, Levchin Resigns From Board

“Consumers are turning to apps for everything,” said Jeremy Stoppelman, the company’s chief executive said on the company’s quarterly earnings call Tuesday. He said that the company’s executive team is guiding Yelp toward a revenue stream composed mainly from localized advertising.

Street Fight Daily: Yelp-Google Rivalry Heats Up, A Hard Sell Gone South

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologyGoogle’s Local Business Is “Really Struggling,” in “Constant Chaos,” Yelp CEO Tells Charlie Rose (AllThingsD)… When the Hard Sell Goes South (Blumenthals)… Navigating The App-Data Explosion: Localytics’ Raj Aggarwal (ReadWrite)…

Yelp Hits 100 Million Uniques as Users Shift to Mobile

Yelp reported mixed earnings on Wednesday as wider than expected losses tempered strong revenue growth in the fourth quarter. The reviews site brought in $41.2 million during the quarter, taking its annual revenue to $137.6 million for 2012. The overwhelming majority of its revenue growth came on the backs of local advertisers as brand spending remained flat…

Conference Notebook: Yelp ‘Focused,’ Foursquare Denies Slower Growth

It doesn’t look like Yelp has plans to push across the local marketing stack anytime soon. Responding to a question of whether Yelp planned to position itself as a local operating system for local business like Groupon, CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said it was “hard to say what tangential businesses [Yelp would] get into” but “its safe to say we’re focused.”

Yelp Revenues Up 67%, Mobile Close to Surpassing Desktop

Yelp surprised analysts with stronger than expected earnings in Q2, bringing in $32 million in revenue to post a $ 1.98 million loss. That’s a 67% jump in revenue year-over-year. And while net losses rose nearly 70%, much of that can be attributed to a bump in sales and marketing costs.

Yelp Sets Share Price at $15 for Friday IPO

Though Yelp’s SEC-sanctioned “quiet period” has seen less criticism than Groupon endured, many analysts remain unconvinced that Yelp’s model can continue the rapid growth achieved over the past few years. What concerns many critics is less the company’s lack of profitability and more the direction in which its losses are heading…