Street Fight Daily: Instagram Boosts Brands’ Customer Service, AI-Powered Assistants on the Rise

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Useful for Social and Marketing, Instagram Now Helps Brands with Customer Service, Too… NuTonomy Debuts Self-Driving Cabs, Beating the Likes of Uber and Google to the Punch… Digital Media Specialist Warns Against the Hazards of ‘Over-Targeting’…

Understanding the Context of Local Advertising’s Supply and Demand

The current election cycle, if nothing else, has demonstrated the importance of context in the supply and demand of local media. In this type of market, the early bird gets the worm. Consumer brands are learning this lesson the hard way and getting shut out of local opportunities that otherwise might have been available.

Ad Tech, Local Media and the 2016 Political Campaign

In this year’s presidential campaign, news and information consumers can be reached via a wide range of channels, and media buys can be executed in milliseconds. Now that local inventory has joined this channel, political camps have the ability to execute local campaigns on a massive scale.