Retailers Turn to AI to Combat Burnout, Decrease Merchandiser Workloads

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As retailers look at getting more done and freeing up their staff to focus on high-value tasks, interest is growing in the use of AI to handle the mundane tasks that take up too much of a merchandiser’s time — like fixing typos on e-commerce websites and researching underperforming product categories. Retailers are also using AI to flag when new products show signs of being more popular than expected, so merchandisers can act quickly and notch strategic wins. 

Tools to Address Labor Shortages

Constructor Aims to Solve Cart Abandonment with Zero-Party Data

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Last week, the search and product discovery platform Constructor announced a new solution designed to decrease cart abandonment rates for retailers. The company’s Quizzes product provides retailers a way to ask customers questions while they shop online, similar to how a sales associate might interact in-store.

E-Commerce Retailers See Opportunity in Secondhand Market

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Call it secondhand shopping, circular fashion, or the “new to you” business. The resale market for brand name goods has never been hotter.

Offline Retailers See Huge Boost From Prime Day’s Online Sales

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Amazon wasn’t the only retailer to see high purchase intent during its two-day event. Competing retailers saw similar successes piggybacking on Amazon’s newest shopping holiday with their own discounts and limited-time deals. This year’s Prime Day event drove a 14% spike in U.S. traffic on its first day, compared to baseline traffic from the month of June.

According to data collected by, an AI-first SaaS provider for ecommerce sites, among the non-Amazon companies having sales during Prime Day, search volume increased an average of more than 500%.

online privacy

During Privacy Battle, Brands Adjust Location Targeting Strategy

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Can privacy and personalization ever be compatible? It’s not a question consumers regularly ask, even though concerns over targeting and apps that continuously log location data grow greater by the day. For marketers, however, the answer to whether privacy and personalization can coexist, and what happens to location data in the wake of tightening restrictions, has important ramifications. Industry experts weigh in.