Learning to Work on Your Startup Even While Executing on the Day-to-Day

“Some of the best companies you couldn’t define their market size on day one,” says Foundry Group’s Brad Feld. “Nobody has any idea what their market sizes are. Others a lot of times you think the market size is X and it’s either an order of magnitude bigger or smaller. “

Brad Feld: Startup Founders Should Focus on Defining ‘Cultural Norms’

The Foundry Group and TechStars co-founder has seen his share of startups. He is co-author of the book “Startup Opportunities: Know When to Quit Your Day Job,” which had its second edition released last month. Street Fight caught up with Feld recently to talk about some of the trickier issues in starting a company.

Street Fight Daily: NYT Tests Native Ads, Online Retailers Dabble Offline

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