The Rise and Role of Temu in Apparel Street Fight

The Rise and Role of Temu in Apparel

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Can the fast fashion apparel segment grow any faster? It is doing exactly that thanks to Chinese retailer Temu. According to various sources, Temu has spent up to $3 billion in advertising outside of Asia-Pacific since 2022, and its profile and app adoption among American consumers has been turbo-charged by online ad spending across Meta and […]

Discounts Drove Black Friday Foot Traffic

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To see how clothing retailers fared, we took a look at foot traffic to the top 10 in the U.S. We did a straight comparison on foot traffic between Black Friday weekend last year and this year (11/28/19 – 12/2/19 and 11/26/20 – 11/30/20). 

Across all 10 retailers, store visits dropped an average of 42%. Who fared best? Who took the biggest hit? We queried our proprietary geofencing marketing database. Here’s what we found.