How Badly Do Consumers Really Want Grocery Delivery?

Instacart is bumping up against the realities of the economy. There are two countervailing trends that are working against the idea of grocery delivery: frugality, and shopping-as-entertainment.

What Google’s Entry Into the Home Services Space Means for Local

Google revealed earlier this week that it was readying an entry into the hotly contested home services category. Will Google have enough long-term commitment to a serious standalone product in this space to produce a real game-changer for local?

How Google Could Transform the $20 Billion Local Television Market

The search giant this week announced that local TV ads shown to Google Fiber subscribers in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, will see ads that are delivered in real-time and can be served up based on geography, the type of program being shown or viewing history, though viewers can opt out of the latter.

Nextdoor Sports a Valuation Over $1B — But How Will It Make Money?

For Nextdoor, a transactional model might explain some of the investors’ faith, and may provide a clear path to revenue growth than trying to untangle the knot that is local advertising…