Could Chipotle Have Saved Millions of Dollars By Taking Online Reviews More Seriously?

If done right, online reputation management can act as an early warning system for multi-location businesses, and can ultimately prevent long-term brand damage and reduce the risk of decreasing profits.

Why 2017 Will Be the Year of the ‘Micro Moment’

A micro moment is the point at which a consumer searches for nearby information, for things to do, buy, or learn in real-time. Essentially, it’s a description of a new consumer mindset: one that has switched from regularity to spontaneity in shopping and learning habits, due to ubiquity of smartphones.

Why Local Search Is Even More Important in the Age of Ad Blocking

With so many people blocking traditional advertising, a growing proportion of internet users cannot be reached through “classic” search engine marketing. That’s why in the context of ad blocking, SEO is still king.

How Old-School Tactics From Emerging Economies Can Inform Local Marketing

There is tremendous insight in old-school marketing tactics about to how to strengthen local digital strategies through offline expertise. Here are a few tips from a few ever-impressive emerging markets.