#SFSW15: At McDonald’s, Digital is about ‘Fun and Convenience’ — Not Branding

At Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco Tuesday, Julia Vander Ploeg, US VP Digital at McDonald’s, sat down with Street Fight’s COO David Hirschman to talk about how her digital team is weaving technology into the fabric of one of the world’s largest franchise brands…

#SFSW15: How Partnerships are Driving the Next Generation of Delivery

During a session at Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco Tuesday, executives from grocery ordering firm Instacart, food delivery startup DoorDash, and local logistics play Postmates came together to discuss the future of delivery.

#SFSW15: Inside the Local Services Land Grab

The local service industry has exploded in recent years as investors pour billion into companies creating new ways for consumer to transact with plumbers, painters and other service professionals. But even today, service professionals still rely mostly on word of mouth to find leads and get new jobs.

#SFSW15: How Pinterest, Twitter and Nextdoor Think About SMBs

A new generation of social media giants are betting big on Main Street. During the morning session of Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco, representatives from Twitter, Pinterest, and Nextdoor discussed programs designed to engage small businesses within local communities for future generations of the web.