Local Media Companies Now Need a Digital Business to Survive


For years, the traditional businesses have generated the majority of revenue, leaving some executives to drag their feet. But now, the door for legacy business to exit the market is closing and the conversations about the digital transition have become increasingly existential.

5 Things You Need to Know About Selling to Local Consumers [SLIDESHARE]

Female holding shopping bags

Toward the end of last year, american shoppers reached a remarkable milestone: consumers spent more in retail stores on products, which they had researched on the Internet, than those they had not. According to eMarketer, Web-influenced offline sales now account for the largest category of retail spending in the american economy…

Yelp VP Mike Ghaffary: We Are Now a Household Name


Mike Ghaffary, vice president of business and corporate development, spearheaded the acquisition of Eat24 and has led the Yelp Platform from the start. We caught up with Ghaffary to talk about what the acquisitions means for its Platform initiative, concerns among investors about slowing growth and what makes local, local.

Bing’s Stefan Weitz Thinks Search Is About to Change Dramatically


The company’s director of search believes an explosion of passive data will reshape the search business, creating new ways for consumers to find local information and forcing the industry to rethink one of the most successful business models from the Internet-era…

Study: Franchises Spend ‘Nearly Half’ of Marketing Budgets on Digital


Franchises, equipped with the resources of a large brand but the flexibility of a small business, could help provide a critical stepping stone for vendors looking to reach SMBs. New data shows they are substantially more digitally advanced than their independent counterparts…

Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search


We sat down with Gil Elbaz, the chief executive at Factual who made his name building the technology behind AdSense, to talk about the future of search, what role Yelp may play in it, and why he thinks we machine learning will create a game changing product in the next 18 months…

Groupon Plans to Start Selling Beacons to Merchants


The deals company announced solid fourth quarter earnings Thursday evening, finishing the year with gains in both revenue and gross billings. During the earnings call, CEO Eric Lefkofsky announced its latest project: a redemption system that uses beacons to allow merchants to track and communicate with Groupon customers in their stores…