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xAd CEO: Small Businesses Still a ‘Huge, Huge Market’ for Ad Tech

No Comments 21 April 2014 by

Location marketing company xAd, which started as a search advertising firm five years ago, generated over $65 million in run-rate revenue by the end of last year, half of which came from small and medium-sized businesses. Street Fight recently caught up with the company's chief executive Dipanshu Sharma to discuss the challenges in finding recurring revenue in mobile, how location can solve that problem, and where the money would come from to build a lasting local advertising company in mobile...

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In Run-Up to IPO, Yodle Makes Its Bet on Local Marketing Automation

3 Comments 16 April 2014 by

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that local marketing firm Yodle was shopping for banks to underwrite a potential public offering. In an interview with Street Fight, Court Cunningham, chief executive at Yodle, declined to comment on the reports, but talked about the the evolution of the small business marketing space, the rise of local marketing automation, and the subsequent push by these companies to bundle services into an integrated product...

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Facebook’s Levy: ‘No Singular Event’ Triggered Decline in Businesses’ Organic Reach

7 Comments 15 April 2014 by

According to multiple reports, the social networking company has “slashed organic page reach,” reducing the number of users which can see a business’s photos, posts, and updates. In a wide ranging interview with Street Fight, Dan Levy, director of small business at Facebook, talks about the decline organic reach for businesses, the evolving relationship between marketer and consumer, and the company’s unique challenge of managing 25 million business clients...

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Mobile Ad Revenues Growing Faster Than Previously Expected

1 Comment 10 April 2014 by

A new study from BIA/Kelsey finds that mobile advertising revenues may be picking up at a faster clip than previously thought. In the U.S. Local Media Forecast, the research firm projects that mobile ad spending in the U.S. will rise from $7.22 billion in 2013 to $25.47 billion in 2017, a 20% increase from what the company projected last year. Meanwhile, the share of mobile ad spending spent on locally-targeted ads continues to grow as well — albeit at slightly slower rate than previously expected...

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verve logo

Will Mobile Ad Tech Consolidate? Not Yet, Says Verve CEO

No Comments 09 April 2014 by

There's a debate, particularly within mobile advertising technology, over whether location is a feature or a sector unto itself. Street Fight recently caught up with Tom MacIsaac, chief executive at Verve Mobile, one of the earliest mobile-local advertising technologies to the market, to discuss the prospect of consolidation, the data quality problem in mobile, and what the endgame might be for location ad tech...

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Closely Raises $3M to Turn Its Social Analytics App Into a Business

No Comments 08 April 2014 by

Closely, the maker of Perch, a social analytics app for small businesses, has raised $3 million in a series A round of funding led by Grotech ventures. Amid a chaotic local marketing industry, the company has quietly built out a novel business model which draws on learnings from the consumer world to solve one of the most dire problems in the business technology industry: selling to small businesses...

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Off the Block


GrubHub(s) vs. Uber(s) vs. Yelp(s): Making Sense of the Mayhem in Local Commerce

No Comments 07 April 2014 by

Last week, ride-sharing service Lyft announced that it had closed a $250 million round of funding to compete with Uber in what will likely become a capital-intensive — and noisy — race around the world. But the battle over transportation is just one example of a wider push by tech companies to reinvent traditionally offline industries by developing lightweight marketplaces...

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News VP: For Consumers, The Digital Divide Does Not Exist

2 Comments 02 April 2014 by

In the war to win the digital consumer, Walmart is betting that an all-of-the-above strategy will win out. During a speech at AdAge Digital in New York Tuesday, Brian Monahan, vice president of marketing at, said that world’s largest retailer remained committed to its brick-and-mortar stores and is focused on using technology to bridge the company's digital and physical assets...

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LivingSocial Sells Remaining Assets in Southeast Asia for $18.5M

No Comments 01 April 2014 by

Three months after selling its Korean deals business TicketMonster to Groupon, LivingSocial has divested the remainder of its assets in Southeast Asia. The company announced Tuesday afternoon that it has sold the its assets in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines to iBuy, a Singapore-based ecommerce company, for $18..5 million dollars in cash.

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After Bust, LivingSocial Looks to Boom Again

No Comments 31 March 2014 by

LivingSocial isn’t quite the rocketship it was a few years ago. But, after a year of pulling back, and with a change in leadership in the works, the company is looking for a second wind. Street Fight recently caught up with Doug Miller, chief revenue officer at LivingSocial, to talk about where the company went wrong, how it plans to get back on track, and what wave it looks to ride next...

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