Topix Expands Emphasis on Local Races in Runup to Election

With just a couple of weeks remaining until the election, hyperlocal news aggregator Topix is going all in — covering the smaller elections that don’t get national press or, for that matter, any press at all. In July, the company recruited David Marks from Politico to be editor-in-chief of its local politics coverage. Last week, the company launched a new offering that gives a granular look at local races. Street Fight recently caught up with Topix CEO Chris Tolles to talk about his site’s deepening focus on local politics…

Topix Launches New Site, Politix, to Capitalize on Election Interest

The network of hyperlocal aggregation sites is set to launch a new politically focused editorial/interactive product that will leverage its base of 10 million users nationwide to solicit reactions to curated news items, topical questions, and sentiment polls.