Hyperlocals Dig In as Sandy Bears Down on East Coast Communities

From Cape May, N.J., up the Atlantic Coast to New England, hyperlocal news sites put on their slickers and boots to prepare for “perfect storm” Sandy. We asked a few publishers what they have been doing today as they gear for more intense news around Sandy as the storm soon makes landfall along the eastern seaboard.

New Jersey Hyperlocal Network TAP Celebrates 4 Years, Continues to Expand

Former lawyer Mike Shapiro’s The Alternative Press has now grown to 18 separate hyperlocal publications, including licensees, and is preparing for another major expansion. How does Shapiro do what some news industry experts have said is next to impossible for independent community sites like his? Street Fight caught up with him recently to find out…

The Alternative Press: A Successful Hyperlocal in the Garden State

The story of why InJersey went out has been told in so many conflicting ways it could be called “Garden State Rashomon.” I’d like to tell the story of another New Jersey hyperlocal, The Alternative Press, that is less maddening, and more optimistic. Would-be hyperlocal publishers and editors, give TAP founder and CEO Mike Shapiro five minutes of your time.

Hyperlocal Is Only as Good as Its Talent

Ted Mann made a lot of smart points in his recent post on the lessons he learned from two years running InJersey, a network of 17 hyper-local blogs across the Garden State. There was one big, simple and very important takeaway: In a small town, having a single, passionate voice who is prolific and visible in the community can make the difference between flourishing and folding…