New Crowdfunding Group Chief: More Hyperlocal Projects Will Get Funded

A group of top debt and equity crowdfunding platform and industry experts launched the Crowdfunding Professionals Association to facilitate a vibrant, credible and growing global crowdfunding community. In an interview with Street Fight, the chair of CfPA’s executive committee, Berkeley Geddes, says “crowdfunding has the potential of letting anyone in on the next big deal, not just Wall Street elite.”

Crowdfunding Could Upend Hyperlocal — Here’s What You Need to Know

The new JOBS Act has opened the door for crowdfunding, a boon to hyperlocals seeking new ways to launch their businesses. But it may take until early next year before the Securities and Exchange Commission establishes rules that will govern the process. What to do in the meantime? Keep an eye on what regulators may churn up, see what major crowdfunding sites plan to offer, and explore whether hyperlocals need their own niche investment portal…