Webinar: Using Advanced Digital Advertising Strategies to Power Business Growth in the Physical World | Street Fight

May 18th

Did digital kill music, or movies? No! Will it kill retail? No! But those who hope to survive and thrive must take a digital-first approach to driving customers from online to in-store. This webinar provides the essential strategies and insights for online-to-offline success.

Over 60 minutes, hear from and chat with InMarket CMO Cameron Peebles and M.K. Woltz, Media Director at The Integer Group, where Starbucks is a key client. InMarket brings an expertise in providing the technology to capture and convert customers, and The Integer Group works intimately with brands every day.

In this webinar, you’ll get a master class in online-to-offline conversions, with detailed strategies and real-world case studies in three parts: Mapping the Customer Acquisition Funnel, The Elements of Your Campaign, Choosing a Vendor.

What you’ll learn:

  • Advanced techniques that help companies who rely on brick and mortar traffic to thrive in a digital-first world
  • Agile approaches to modern online-to-offline marketing, including audience segmentation, machine learning and more
  • Tactics that can help marketers bridge digital and physical for their in-store customers like predictive algorithms, viewability and attribution


M.K. Woltz, The Integer Group
Cameron Peebles, inMarket

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