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Webinar: Solving Mobile’s Attribution Problem

Telmetrics-After-the-ClickThe ubiquity of mobile has ushered in new opportunities for marketers, such as targeting mobile consumers geographically and offering tools to be used when they’re in-store. But perhaps the greatest potential is in mobile’s revival of the value of a phone call, and the phone call’s ability to attribute online to offline activity. As mobile offers consumers the opportunity to take immediate action by placing a call, marketers begin to connect campaigns to calls and, ultimately, purchases.

In this “After the Click” webinar, Grow.co’s Jay Weintraub and CJ Arseneau from Telmetrics will provide insights, case studies and strategies into creating digital campaigns that drive action, leveraging call analytics and attribution technologies in the path to purchase.

Attendees will learn:

  • How call tracking software can be deployed dynamically to optimize online campaigns on the fly and generate high-conversion call leads
  • The role call analytics tools play in maximizing campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • How any context offers the opportunity for a compelling call campaign
  • How to identify and avoid bad data traps
  • How attribution is achieved through partnerships with solutions providers
Jay Weintraub
Founder, Grow.co

CJ Arseneau
VP-Marketing, Telmetrics

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