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Webinar: How Media Buyers Buy Hyperlocal

photo-Mitch Bernstein - Neo@Ogilvy
Mitch Bernstein, Neo@Ogilvy

Spend your days attempting to divine the mind of a media buyer? Then you want to be sure to watch this webinar that took place Thursday, March 14, 2013 with Mitch Bernstein, Director of Client Strategy at Neo@Ogilvy.

This engaging first-person presentation and discussion of the media buyer’s view on hyperlocal with Mitch Bernstein includes a do’s-and-don’ts section for vendors; case studies of Neo@Ogilvy’s hyperlocal campaigns; and insights into the challenges that media buyers are trying to solve with hyperlocal. In a Q&A session following the presentation, Mitch was joined by Onil Gunawardana, Executive Director of Product Management & Marketing at YP, for a conversation from both sides of the table.

YP, which sponsored this webinar, is focused on hyperlocal and innovating around mobile.

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