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The Local Merchant: Reports & Presentations

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What do local merchants want? We’ve got everything you need to make smarter pitches, offer stronger support and deliver more value to this elusive market.

Street Fight, the leader in local merchant insights, has all the resources you need to understand what local merchants want now in digital marketing. Choose from a variety of formats and topics to understand how local merchants are using local marketing to grow their businesses.

Browse the resources below and join us live at the Street Fight Summit in NYC this October to get the full picture of what merchants want now.


Report: The Local Merchant 2015

Take a deep dive into the local marketing economy with this full-length report (70 pages) filled with insights from 500+ merchants. Gain understanding of which platforms local businesses trust most, how they manage their spend, and where they struggle most in local digital marketing. Everything you need to pitch smarter and provide better  support to the merchants you support.

Key Findings

  • 2/3 of respondents use social media for lead generation and brand awareness
  • Majority of small businesses surveyed work with a single marketing provider
  • Nearly 22% of small businesses have already adopted mobile marketing
  • 47% of businesses said email marketing is the most effective form of media



Report: How to Pitch Local Merchant Services

On-Page_Guide to Pitching Local Merchants_AdSquareGet the inside scoop from over 500 small businesses on exactly what they want (and what they don’t) from local service providers. Uncover new tactics for connecting with merchants, understanding their needs, addressing objections effectively and closing more deals in less time.

Stop using the same old strategies with the same results, and take a new approach to selling local services to SMBs with this report.







Deck: Key Figures from The Local Merchant Report 2015


The most salient data points from the Local Merchant Report are displayed into 38 gorgeous visuals in this useful presentation tool. Use the charts and graphs to bring your next presentation to life with the latest data on how local merchants are using digital marketing now. Make your next presentation deck a home run with this valuable data.




Webinar: Trends in Local Digital Marketing

On June 30, 2015, Director of Research David Card, Senior Editor Stephanie Miles and Michael Taylor of Thrive Analytics presented a closer look at key insights from The Local Merchant Report 2015 in this exclusive webinar.

Watch the webinar on demand to see what these lead researchers have to say about what’s next in local marketing.


Slideshare: What Local Merchants Are Missing With Social Media

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[column grid=”4″ span=”2″]Two-thirds of small local businesses are using social media for marketing. Yet despite this broad adoption, and an overall good perception of digital marketing effectiveness, results with social have been disappointing. This presentation offers more insights into why merchants are struggling with social.

Interested in other topics? Watch more Slideshare presentations from Street Fight.


Street Fight Summit 2015

Summit_cubeStreet Fight Summit returns to New York City on October 20, 2015. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to connect with industry leaders; engage in important dialogue around the latest trends; and find out “what’s next” in local marketing.

Agenda includes:

  • 1-on-1 interviews and panel discussions with industry leaders
  • Research highlighting new data from the field
  • Local Visionary Awards Ceremony

Don’t miss this important and inspiring event!