Meet the SF Awards Judges: True Value, Vitamin Shoppe, Denny’s, Chamberlain Group & WPP | The Store

The circle is complete. We’ve rounded out the full panel of judges for Street Fight’s Innovator awards (Pro tip: today is the last day to apply).

Collectively, they represent:

15,350 business locations
150,986 employees
$25+ billion in annual revenues

But who are they? Here’s the rundown.

Cannes Roundup: A Triad of Innovation is Capturing Advertisers’ Attention and Spend Right Now

This year, we saw the rise of three elements of technology-driven outcomes that, I’d suggest, represent a triad of innovation — and those elements are agility, speed, and the product-development capabilities to allow early-adopting brands to actually access emerging marketplaces (such as audio, as we saw this year). The first two terms are interconnected, and each fuels the drive for innovative products that big-name brands are beta-testing already. 

How Amazon’s Whole Foods Buy Could Transform the Retail Ecosystem

Amazon’s recent $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market could signal a new era of experimentation and pushing boundaries in retail as the company continues to redefine content and commerce in the grocery space and elsewhere, according to Gwen Morrison, co-CEO of The Store, WPP’s global retail practice.

#SFSNYC VIDEO: Smartphones Will Make the Connected Store a Reality

Implementing technology in retail environments as means of “saving” brick-and-mortar stores has been a consistent theme in recent years. But consumers have sent a clear message that the connected store can’t be about technology for technology’s sake. Smartphones’ increasingly central role in the shopping process, from research to purchase, makes them the logical link between connected shoppers and connected stores.

WPP Mobile Exec: Location Already ‘Not Special’ in Ad Tech

In a conversation this week, Michael Lieberman, chief executive North America at WPP’s Joule, discussed the copy-cat syndrome among mobile-local ad tech, how brands have ditched geo-fencing, and why influencing consumers’ impulse purchases might be the next big growth market for digital marketing dollars…

How Data is Transforming the Local Purchase Funnel

For years, the local marketplace largely missed out on a data revolution that has transformed commerce on the web. But the rapid adoption of the smartphone is quickly bringing the local shopping experience to parity with ecommerce, transforming the consumer journey and dramatically improving the targeting capabilities available to marketers today…

Local Marketing in a Post-Mobile World

An explosion in connected devices is forcing marketers to quickly move beyond mobile and address a new set of multi-device marketing challenges. We recently caught up with Sean Muzzy, chief executive North America at Neo@Ogilvy, to take his pulse on brand marketers’ interest in local, and explore how an explosion in connected devices might shape the way businesses communicate with consumers in the real-world…

Behind Big Retail Brands’ Complicated Relationship With Loyalty

More and more, loyalty startups are looking beyond the SMB market, and to larger brands as a potentially lucrative market with substantially lower sales costs. But, the outcome could be more complicated than it first appears. In a recent conversation with Street Fight, Dawn Maire, creative director at Rockfish Interactive, suggested that retailers might be better acquirers than partners for many loyalty companies…

WPP’s Morrison: Why the Tide Is Turning for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Gwen Morrison heads up the WPP’s global retail practice, The Store, and works with some of the world’s largest retailers on daily basis to help facilitate the transition to a more connected and empowered local consumer. Street Fight recently caught up with Morrison to talk about the transformation of offline retail, what big retailers are investing in today, and the impact of mobile in emerging markets…

DOOH Is Poised to Grow, But Accountability and Collaboration Are Key

Why are so few dollars in media plans allocated to on-the-go media? Primarily because this sector has not provided the basic, traditional tools to the planning community that is expected with all other media types to evaluate, plan, place and track in a standardized way.

With Mobile Growing, WPP Sees Opportunity to Make DOOH Smarter

The agency’s Spafax Networks has announced a new partnership that will bring PlaceIQ’s audience data to its DOOH buying process. Like PlaceIQ’s channel partners in the mobile space, Spafax can use the latitude-longitude data associated with its inventory to target media by audience segments like “middle aged moms” or “business travelers” in vendor and geography.

Street Fight Daily: Samsung’s ‘Passbook’ App, PayPal Co-Founder’s Payments Play

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Samsung Takes a Page from Apple’s Passbook With New Wallet App (Verge)… PayPal Co-Founder Levchin Launches New Payments Startup, Affirm (AllThingsD)… Apple Patents Situational Awareness And Location Information Sharing For Mobile Devices (TechCrunch)…