Street Culture: Seattle Food Startup Delivers Culture to Chef Partners

When building trust and loyalty with both customers and employees, the company mission is a backbone often referred back to for consistency and clarity. Food ordering/delivery startups Lish’s three company values are the focus on the customer, quality, and variety, says CEO Aakhil Fardeen.

Street Culture: Glympse Builds an Open Community to Empower Staff

The company has relied heavily on employees to be efficient outside of their comfort zones. Co-founder and CEO Bryan Trussel said that he hopes Glympse is a fun and challenging place to work, and he believes empowering employees is one way to make sure that happens.

How Local Publishers Can Score With Sponsorships: One Yard at a Time

I spoke recently to the indefatigable Teresa Wippel, founder and publisher of the indie My Edmonds News north of Seattle, about her search for new revenue stream. In 2011, two years after she began her site, she turned to a sponsorship model for streamed high school football coverage to supplement her modest display revenue. The result has been a significant source of new revenue from seven local sponsors…

Case Study: Bakery Relies on Hyperlocal Press, Yelp for New Customers

When Donna Lawson first opened the doors at Stuffed Cakes, she ran a series of daily deal promotions through CBS Local and Urban Dealight to spread the word about her Seattle-based bakery. Now two years later, Lawson relies primarily on press mentions on hyperlocal sites like the West Seattle Blog, as well as positive reviews on Yelp, to get new customers coming through the door…

Case Study: For Seattle Video Store, Print is Still King

Remaining relevant is a challenge for any independent video store that has to compete with subscription-based companies like Netflix. Next Door Media, an ad network of hyperlocal sites, took on that challenge with Scarecrow Video in Seattle, adding its sites to the store’s traditional mix of weekly newspapers, free magazines, and public radio stations…