Will Consumer Privacy Be the Defining Issue of 2019?

Though their terms are not identical, in essence both GDPR and CCPA are designed to give consumers the power to stop companies from collecting personal data, to review all personal data a company may have collected, and to request deletion of any stored data. Both regulations strike a major blow in favor of the concept that ownership of personal data ultimately resides with the individual and not with companies who may profit from it.

Location Data Industry Gets Huge Wake-Up Call on Monday

Platforms, brands, and vendors benefiting from the reams of location data used to hit consumers with highly targeted ads should be paying attention to a change suggested by Google and Facebook’s appearances before government authorities, a New York Times exposé out Monday, and most importantly the impending arrival of GDPR-like legislation in the United States: 2019 will be the year privacy actually matters, posing a potentially devastating threat to the status quo of the location-based data and marketing industries.

CCPA: California’s version of GDPR?

The U.S. recently joined countries taking action on data privacy with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on June 28, 2018. The CCPA will protect the rights of California consumers and encourage stronger privacy online and greater transparency overall.

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After Nearly Two Years in the Hot Seat, Facebook Feels the Burn

In its Q2 earnings report, the social giant reported that growth has stalled in the United States and Canada, its most valuable markets. And its overall user growth for the quarter of just 22 million users is the smallest jump since 2011, indicating that a slowdown in revenue growth will likely prove a long-term challenge in the years ahead.

The Line Between Cool and Creepy: How Much Personalization is Too Much?

With its new study, the Personalization Pulse Check, Accenture aims to help brands understand the border between cool and creepy advertising, providing insights into what the customer thinks of personalization tactics in marketing campaigns.

How Wearables Are Changing Perceptions About Location Privacy

While firms that collect location data through mobile apps were once viewed as pariahs, a shift in attitudes has more consumers turning on location services for apps and taking advantage of the benefits that sharing this data can bring. Behind the changing attitude is a growing interest in wearables.

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#LDS15 VIDEO: “Put the Internet Into Products — Not Products on the Internet”

In a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit, technologist Chris Dancy spoke about the blurring lines between privacy and convenience: “If your life is a platform, how you live your life is going to become very important.”

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6 Ways to Personalize Mobile Ads Without Violating User Privacy

Global mobile ad spending increased to $17.96 billion last year, and it’s on pace to rise another 75.1% in 2014. But in order for mobile advertising to continue growing at such a rapid rate, one issue has to be addressed — privacy. Here are six strategies for personalizing mobile ads without violating user privacy.

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