McClatchy’s Chris Hendricks Signs Off After a Long Digital-First Career

McClatchy’s Chris Hendricks has often been my GPS on where daily newspapers, including his company, were in finding their legs on the constantly shifting ground of digital publishing. But starting tomorrow morning, I won’t be able to get any more positional readouts from Hendricks.

McClatchy Strategy: Go Big and Small to Create ‘Moments’ With Each Reader

Like other chains of dailies, the company is pouring resources into how to make the long leap from a no-longer-secure print past to an alluring but uncertain digital today and tomorrow. In this recent Q&A McClatchy’s Chris Hendricks and Dan Schaub detail how their company is planning to meet that future.

Can New Local Media Consortium Succeed Where Others Have Not?

For two decades, legacy media have tried to pool their threatened resources and capture digital ad revenue to replace the billions of dollars that stopped flowing to their newspapers and TV stations. They have had some successes, but their more ambitious digital partnerships haven’t fared well. Now, a new group of old-media companies have banded together to form the Local Media Consortium in the hopes that it will it be able to succeed where other tie-ups have not…