Street Fight Summit West 2016 | June 7th 2016 | San Francisco | Street Fight

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June 7th, 2016• San Francisco


Mobile attribution and ROI, local search, self-service, VR/AR, delivery and ecommerce, content that makes the register ring — we will address these key issues and more at our fifth annual San Francisco conference!

Doors open at 8a.m. • Programming begins at 9 a.m.
Cocktail Reception from 5-7 P.M.




[column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Logan LaHive
Logan LaHive
CEO, Belly[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]David Krantz
David Krantz
CEO, YP[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Marco Zappacosta
Marco Zappacosta
CEO, Thumbtack[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Catherine Porter
Catherine Porter
SVP Strategy, OpenTable[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Chad Richard
Chad Richard
SVP Business, Yelp[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Hunter Walk
Hunter Walk
Partner, Homebrew VC[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Aaron Zifkin
Aaron Zifkin
Regional Director, North American Operations,
Airbnb[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mike Harkey
Mike Harkey
VP Business Development, Foursquare[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mo
Victor Ho
CEO, FiveStars[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Wiley Cerilli
Wiley Cerilli
CEO, Good Uncle[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Sarah Bird
Sarah Bird
CEO, Moz[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mo
Tony Xu
CEO, DoorDash[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Eric Feng
Eric Feng
Partner, KPCB[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mo
Mohannad El-Barachi
CEO, SweetIQ[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Jon Carder
Jon Carder
CEO, Empyr[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Neil Sweeney
Neil Sweeney
CEO, JUICE Mobile[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Andy Ellwood
Andy Ellwood
President, Basket[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Thomas Walle Jensen
Thomas Walle
CEO, Unacast[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mo
Daphne Carmeli
CEO, Deliv[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Margaret Hunt
Margaret Pomeroy Hunt
SVP, NY Public Radio[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Deap ubhi
Deap Ubhi
CEO, TableHero[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mo
Ware Sykes
CEO, Nowait[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Nathan Pettyjohn
Nathan Pettyjohn
CEO, Aisle411[/column]

[column grid=”4″ span=”1″]
Nicholas Goubert
Head of Core Map & Platform, HERE[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Carter Agar
Carter Agar
Director of Cloud Services Worldwide, Lenovo[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Mike Dudas
Mike Dudas
CRO, Button[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas
Business Editor, San Francisco Chronicle[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Randy Parker
Randy Parker
CEO, Brevi[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Lora Kolodny
Lora Kolodny
Emerging Tech Editor, TechCrunch[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Jon Vaden
Jon Vaden
Marketing, San Jose International Airport[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Andrew Shotland
Andrew Shotland
Proprietor, LocalSEOGuide[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Daniel Shaked
Daniel Shaked
CEO, ClipCall[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Jess Bachman
Jess Bachman
Co-founder,[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Anna Tauzin
Anna Tauzin
Senior Marketing Manager, National Restaurant Association[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]David Hirschman
David Hirschman
COO, Street Fight[/column][column grid=”4″ span=”1″]David Card
David Card
Research Director, Street Fight[/column]

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Who else will you see at Street Fight Summit West 2016?

Google • Yelp • Staples • Mapquest • Factual • Go Local • Moz • Manta
Groupon • Booker • Tru Measure • Hearst • G/O Digital • and many more!



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8:00-9:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast

9:00 – 9:10 a.m. Opening RemarksLaura Rich, CEO, Street Fight

9:10 – 9:35 a.m. Morning Keynote – The Future of Local Commerce
Thanks to advances in technology, it has never been easier for an individual to go online and start earning income quickly and flexibly. But this new “gig economy” is not monolithic or static. It has different sectors, and the “gig economy” of on-demand, low-skilled, easily automated logistics or delivery services will not be around in 20 years.
* Marco Zappacosta, CEO, Thumbtack

9:35-10:05 a.m. Panel — Why Connecting the Dots on the Path to Purchase Could Be the Biggest Breakthrough in Local
Online-to-offline attribution for businesses driven by local search is slowly making its way from fantasy to reality. This panel will pry the latest and greatest local attribution methodologies and trends out of a panel of execs wrestling with these issues. Of course, all quotes not for attribution.
* Andrew Shotland, Proprietor, Local SEO Guide (moderator)
* Sarah Bird, CEO, Moz
* Mohannad El-Barachi, CEO, SweetIQ
* Mike Harkey, VP Business Development, Foursquare

10:05-10:25 a.m. Original ResearchWhat Your Customers Want
Drawing from a wide-ranging Q1 study of executives at major brands, Street Fight presents new findings about what brand marketers are looking for from local tech, and how they are progressing along the adoption curve.
* David Card, Research Director, Street Fight

10:25-10:50 a.m. Mid-Morning Break

10:50-11:05 a.m PresentationThe State of Beacons and Proximity
Proxbook’s directory of proximity solution providers has more than 300 members, and the company collects data regularly on the growth of beacon tech. This session will look at some of the latest trends and numbers from the proximity industry, and forecast its potential growth for the rest of 2016.
* Thomas Walle, CEO, Unacast

11:05-11:20 a.m. — Presentation — Data, Dreams, and the Ordering of Things
This session will dive into the history of local, the sector’s current state and where it’s headed in the coming years. As the industry evolves, larger companies will be able to leverage data and consumer intent to create winning partnerships with local players while supporting the businesses and communities that they serve.
* Chad Richard, SVP Business and Corporate Development, Yelp

11:20-11:50 a.m. Panel —  Rethinking Restaurants: Local Tech Remakes an Industry
Restaurants are a particularly large and important vertical in local, and as such they’ve long been a testing ground for a variety of digital products. Now a new generation of companies is starting to use local marketing and delivery services to rethink what a restaurant is and how we think about our dining experiences.
*  Anna Tauzin, Senior Marketing Manager, National Restaurant Association (moderator)
*  Wiley Cerilli, CEO, Good Uncle
*  Catherine Porter, SVP, OpenTable
*  Ware Sykes, CEO, Nowait

11:50 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Ideas and Insights From #SFSW16 Sponsors — Mapping the Path to Purchase
* Neil Sweeney, CEO, JUICE and FreckleIoT

12:00-12:20 p.m. Fireside Chat
* David Krantz, CEO, YP, in conversation with Street Fight CEO Laura Rich.

12:20-1:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00-1:25 p.m. Afternoon Keynote — Last Mile Logistics: Why Tech Is Only Half the Battle
Building the most advanced data-powered logistics software is only half the challenge in last-mile delivery. This session will look at why on-demand logistics is the marriage of a math problem and a people problem.
* Tony Xu, CEO, DoorDash

1:25 p.m.-1:35 p.m. Ideas and Insights From #SFSW16 Sponsors — Big Data Dilemma: How Location is Bridging the Gap Between People, Places and Things
* Nicholas Goubert, Head of Platform and Core Map, HERE

1:35-1:55 p.m. One-on-One: Where Travel Meets Local
* Aaron Zifkin, Director of North American Operations, Airbnb in conversation with Owen Thomas, business editor, San Francisco Chronicle.

1:55-2:20 p.m. Panel — The Virtual Reality Revolution and Its Implications for Local
With the rise of Oculus and a host of other new companies, there has been lots of talk this year about the potential local and retail implications for virtual reality and augmented reality.  This session will examine how brands and retailers see the VR/AR opportunity, and where we’re most likely to see them placing bets on this tech in the near future.
* Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO, Aisle411 (moderator)
* Carter Agar, ‎Director, Software & Cloud Services Worldwide, Lenovo
* Jon Vaden, ‎Business Development, San Jose International Airport

2:20-2:35 p.m. Presentation – Closing the Gap in Online-to-Offline Commerce
2016 is the year in which companies can finally monetize online-to-offline commerce and prove attribution. This session looks at the revenue that can be generated from this new technology and how it can lead to better retention of local and national advertisers.
* Jon Carder, CEO, Empyr

2:35-3:00 p.m. Panel — Loyalty 2.0: Rethinking Engagement
In the wake of the daily deals boom five years ago, a number of new companies emerged to solve one of the key issues that had plagued the deals companies: retention. Originally seeking to be a digital version of the punch cards that many small businesses issued to loyal customers, the major companies in the space have evolved, and are now using reams of data to build customer profiles that can help businesses better reward their regulars.
* Lora Kolodny, Emerging Tech Editor, TechCrunch (moderator)
* Logan LaHive, CEO, Belly
* Victor Ho, CEO, FiveStars

3:00-3:30 p.m. Afternoon Break

3:30-3:55 p.m. Panel — Finding the Next Local Unicorns
Investors often see pitches for local startups and concepts years before these companies gain any traction — and get to vote with their wallets to determine where the industry will go next. This panel will look at what types of hyperlocal companies the investment community is most interested in, and what types of ideas may be more likely to get funded going forward.
* David Hirschman, COO, Street Fight (moderator)
* Hunter Walk, Partner, Homebrew VC
* Eric Feng, General Partner, KPCB

3:55-4:25 p.m. Local Startups Showcase
* Randy Parker, CEO, Brevi (Host)
* Deap Ubhi, CEO, TableHero
* Jess Bachman, Co-founder,
* Daniel Shaked, CEO, Clipcall
* Sharath Mekala, CEO, VillageDefense

4:25-4:40 p.m. PresentationThe [Local] Power of Podcasting
Podcasting has exploded in recent years, as more and more Americans listen to their favorite shows on a weekly basis. While podcasts have been a growing category for national advertisers, New York Public Radio has geo-targeting spots so local brands can reach a relevant, engaged audience.
* Margaret Pomeroy Hunt, SVP, New York Public Radio

4:40-5:10 p.m. Panel — How On-Demand Is Changing the Way Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Compete With Ecommerce
While ecommerce companies have doubled down on taking their chunks out of the local pie, some on-demand services are trying to find ways to use their immediacy to help brick-and-mortar businesses fight back. This panel will look at the tension between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar, and what role on-demand might have in keeping local merchants competitive.
* David Card, Research Director, Street Fight (moderator)
* Daphne Carmeli, CEO, Deliv
* Andy Ellwood, CEO, Basket
* Mike Dudas, CRO, Button

5:10-7:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception at TerraSF