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StreetFight Summit

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | Virtual

Street Fight’s first virtual summit brings together location marketing’s top executives and thought leaders to discuss emerging trends at the intersection between local consumers, brands, and technology.

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About Street Fight Summit

Street Fight Summit is the premier event for location marketers. It brings together the companies and thought leaders setting the standard in location intelligence, local search, social marketing, reputation management, and retail technology, as well as supporting industries such as fintech and data privacy. The event brings brands, agencies, and technology providers together and equips participants with the tools they need to compete for consumer attention in the challenging, fast-changing world of localized commerce. 

Why Attend

Boost your thought leadership profile and build your authority.
Connect with other thought leaders and top companies in the industry.
Familiarize yourself with cutting-edge approaches to shared challenges.
Learn about privacy, retail tech, and the latest in local search.
Engage with potential partners and top companies in local marketing.
Develop new strategies to grow your business and meet evolving consumer demand. 

Speakers & Agenda

Local in 2021 and Beyond: A Fireside Chat

Speaker: Chad Richard (Yelp)
Moderator: Damian Rollison (Street Fight)

We’ll kick off the proceedings at Street Fight’s first virtual Summit with a broad-ranging conversation between Brandify’s Damian Rollison and Chad Richard of Yelp, one of the leading figures in local search, who will offer insights based on his deep experience in local into the direction of the industry in 2021 and beyond.

Five Big Trends in Local Commerce

Speaker: Michael Boland (Industry Analyst and Street Fight Contributing Editor)

What’s the state of the union in localized marketing and commerce? As all of its pieces continue to converge — search, social and emerging tech — “local” continues to be a moving target. Leading industry analyst Mike Boland will set the stage for the day’s themes with an overture of the top trends he’s tracking.

Search: The Tentpole of Local Marketing

Speaker: David Mihm (Local SEO Expert), Amanda Jordan (LOCOMOTIVE)
Moderator: Greg Sterling (Uberall)

Local search platforms like Google My Business and Yelp had an incredibly active year of new feature development in 2020, driven in large part by the changing needs of consumers and businesses due to the pandemic. Will dynamic changes continue throughout 2021? How should local SEOs and brand marketers shift their thinking? Join us for a dynamic discussion of these themes and more. 

The State of Social Media & Reputation Management

Speakers: Sarah Cucchiara (BrandMuscle). Mike Blumenthal (NearMedia). Donny Dye (Tiger Pistol).
Moderator: Joe Zappa (Street Fight)

The Covid-19 pandemic challenged companies to manage their reputations across many channels at a time when customers felt unsafe going to stores. In addition, brand safety, walled gardens, and unexpected changes from Big Tech continued to complicate social strategy and reputation management. This panel taps leaders in social and reputation to assess 2021’s major challenges and cutting-edge solutions.

Afternoon Keynote: Digital Marketing & The Changing SEO Landscape

Speaker: Tessa Nadik (Kelley Blue Book & Autotrader)
Moderator: Kaci Cramer (Brandify)

Brand management has taken a rollercoaster ride in the past year. What brands are saying and how and where they’re saying it has rapidly changed. The importance of taking a stance socially and ethically must be balanced against the shifting demands of your customer base, an especially challenging task these days. We’ll be reflecting on traditional and emerging strategies as we advance into a new era of marketing and branding.

Location Intelligence & Privacy: Building on Shifting Ground

Speakers: Neil Sweeney (Killi). Antonio Tomarchio (Cuebiq). Gladys Kong (UM).
Moderator: Joe Zappa (Street Fight)

No topic is more top of mind for digital marketers and location intelligence providers than privacy. The third-party cookie is dying, Apple is challenging tracking, and a dizzying array of next-generation solutions are emerging to power digital advertising. This session will cover those solutions and will give advocates for different approaches a chance to debate their merits.

Panera Leverages Emerging Tech: A Case Study

Speaker: Matt Maher (M7 Innovations), Kelli Nicholson (Panera Bread)
Moderator: Michael Boland (Industry Analyst and Street Fight Contributing Editor)

As search, social, display and other trusty formats continue to be table stakes in localized brand marketing, emerging tech joins the party. We’re talking AI, AR, IoT and the rest of the alphabet soup. M7 Innovations is at the forefront of these technologies, helping brands like Panera and Bolle get more interactive. Join us for top insights & strategic takeaways.

What’s the Next Normal for Local Commerce, Retail & QSR?

Speaker: Evan Shiue (Standard Cognition), Dylan Purse (Infutor Data Solutions)
Moderator: Asif Khan (Location Based Marketing Association)

2020 saw the largest growth spike ever in online commerce. The pandemic may have been the root cause, but the consumer shift is likely to endure. Learn how traditional businesses in food service, retail, and other categories are continuing to pivot to meet the demand for a larger share of consumer activity online, even when transactions are ultimately fulfilled by local stores.




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