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Street Fight Summit 2014

Local in the City  November 4, 2014


8:00-9:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast

9:00 – 9:15 a.m. Opening RemarksLaura Rich, CEO, Street Fight

9:15 – 9:45 a.m. Morning Keynote – “The Great Reversal – Global Tech in Local and Hyperlocal Economies”
* David Ramadge, GM Emerging Retail Services, eBay
For the longest time we have been using software and technology more broadly to make our world smaller, to create a global village. The power of technology is its scalability and its reach, its ability to connect disparate and distant economies. Paradoxically, some of the most interesting and promising technical challenges today are in trying to reverse that long-time trend. Now we are trying to re-create, re-discover, re-imagine a local village economy, this time powered by silicon and bits.

9:45-10:20 a.m. Panel — The Rise of Marketing Automation in Local’s Next Act
A revolution in the way local businesses operate has ushered in a software-driven era in local marketing. As the back-office of small businesses comes to the cloud, technology companies have an unprecedented opportunity to use a business’s operational data — booking data, payment information and the like — to engage with existing customers, and in some cases, find new ones.
* Steven Jacobs, Deputy Editor, Street Fight (moderator)
* Josh McCarter, CEO, Booker
* Stuart Wall, CEO, Signpost
* Drew Schwartz, VP Product, Shopkeep

10:20-10:40 a.m. Auto FocusHow Connected Cars Will Impact Local Marketing
* David Hirschman, COO, Street Fight (moderator)
* Julius Marchwicki, Connected Services Product Manager, Ford Motor Company

10:40-11:00 a.m. Mid-Morning Break

11:00-11:35 a.m. PanelWhither the Great Age of Hyperlocal Publishing?
Just three years ago, the media world was full of optimism about the prospects of scaled hyperlocal publishing ventures. But with the fall of AOL’s Patch, and retrenchment in legacy media and elsewhere, hyperlocal publishing has lost a lot of its buzz. But among local media entrepreneurs, hope springs eternal — and a number of projects continue to bet on hyperlocal content.
* Felix Salmon, Senior Editor, Fusion (moderator)
* Jim Brady, CEO, Billy Penn
* Liena Zagare, Publisher, Corner Media
* Paul Wright, Director of Local Media, Comcast/Everyblock

11:35-11:55 a.m. Ideas and Insights from #SFSW14 Sponsors
* CJ Arseneau, VP Marketing, Telmetrics
* Alvaro Del Castillo, CEO, Sonata

11:55 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Panel — Going Where the Money Is: Investing in Local
Investors often see pitches from the hottest local startups years before they debut on the scene — and get to vote with their wallets to determine where the industry will go next. This panel will look at what types of hyperlocal companies the investment community are most interested in, and where they think we’ll find the next billion-dollar local startup.
* Dominic Rushe, East Coast Tech Editor, Guardian (moderator)
* Tige Savage, Managing Director, Revolution
* Mo Koyfman, General Partner, Spark Capital
* Dave Ambrose, Managing Director, Steadfast Venture Capital

12:30-12:50 p.m. Fireside Chat
* Jon Fine, Executive Editor, Inc. (interviewer)
* Jonathan Zabusky, President, GrubHub

12:50-1:30 p.m. Lunch

1:30-1:45 p.m. Presentation – “The Local Merchant Report”
* Steven Jacobs
, Deputy Editor, Street Fight

1:45-2:20 p.m. PanelIs Location More Than a Feature in Mobile Advertising?
Marketers have started to shift meaningful portions of their budgets into mobile, putting pressure on the ad tech industry to streamline a still immature mobile sector. For marketers, it’s still unclear whether place-based advertising remains a challenging enough problem to merit its own seat at the table or if it’s a feature better handled by a larger partner.
* James Mullany, Senior Analyst, Beeby Clark + Meyler (moderator)
* Michael Lieberman, CEO North America, Joule
* Heather Sears, VP Marketing, YP
* Christian De Gennaro, VP Channel Partnerships, Thinknear by Telenav

2:20-2:35 p.m. Ideas and Insights from #SFSNYC Sponsors
* Howard Lerman, CEO, Yext

2:35-3:10 p.m. PanelUnbundling Local: The Rise of Vertical Marketplaces 
The success of Uber and Airbnb have helped propel a growing segment of companies that want to better connect supply and demand in an ever widening array of verticals and industries. Are they merely traffic arbitrageurs, tomorrow’s big brands or just more efficient ways to deliver leads to business owners? Regardless, many of these companies offer increasingly viable alternatives to online yellow pages, Craigslist and even traditional local search and directory sites like Google Maps and Yelp.
* Greg Sterling, VP Strategy and Insights, Local Search Association (moderator)
* Umang Dua, COO, Handy
* Scott Jampol,SVP Marketing, OpenTable
* Leigh McMillan, VP Marketing, Avvo

3:10-3:30 p.m. Afternoon Break

3:30-4:10 p.m. Startup Showcase
Introduction by startup investor and mentor Laurel Touby
* Gilad Rotem, CEO, Cups
* Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO, Vizalytics
* Amanda Parker, CEO, Uplette
* Sonny Mayugba, CEO, Requested
* Eric Groves, CEO, Alignable

4:10-4:25 p.m. Presentation: “Minimum Viable Channel”
* Perry Evans, CEO, Closely

4:25-5:00 p.m. PanelNo Solicitors Please! How to Sell Services to SMBs
The number of options for local digital marketing for SMBs is confusing and often overwhelming. How do small (and large) businesses make sense of all? How do they know what’s the best use of their budgets and perhaps more important, their time? How do you even get the attention of these very busy people to even hear your pitch? We’ll talk with three of biggest providers of local digital marketing services to hear how they are able to cut through the clutter and build trust with their customers.
* Andrew Shotland, Proprietor, LocalSEOGuide (moderator)
* Jonathan Czaja, Director of SMB, Facebook
* Rene Reinsberg,GM/VP Product, GoDaddy
* Brendan King, ‎CEO, VendAsta

5:00-7:00 p.m. The Telmetrics After Party at Three-Sixty