Street Fight Summit 2013 - Oct. 24-25, 2013 - New York - Speakers | Street Fight


Street Fight Summit - NYC

• October 24 & 25, 2013 •

Unlocking the Local Web: At Street Fight’s third annual flagship event in New York, speakers and attendees will give shape and voice to this exciting next era of hyperlocal.

[column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Seth Priebatsch
Seth Priebatsch
CEO, LevelUp[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Tim_O'Shaugnessy
Tim O’Shaughnessy
CEO, LivingSocial[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Chuck Schumer
Charles Schumer
D-NY, U.S. Senate[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Alexis RaskAlexis Rask, CRO
ShopKick[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]kveton
Scott Kveton, CEO
Urban Airship
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jeff Jarvis
Jeff Jarvis, Blogger
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Ezra Kucharz
Ezra Kucharz, President
CBS Local Digital Media[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Duane ForresterDuane Forrester,
Senior Product Manager
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Brand Networks CEO Jamie Tedford
Jamie Tedford, CEO
Brand Networks[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]jules polonetsky
Jules Polonetsky,
Future of Privacy Forum[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]willsmith
Will Smith, CEO
Euclid Analytics[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]jed-kleckner
Jed Kleckner, CEO
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]James Moran
Jim Moran, COO
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]alexei-agratchevAlexei Agratchev, CEO
RetailNext[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Rajen Ruparell
Rajen Ruparell,
SVP Global Sales
Groupon[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Aron Schwarzkopf
Aron Schwarzkopf
CEO, Leaf[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Laurel Touby
Laurel Touby
Startup Founder/Investor/Advisor[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Rob Beeler
Rob Beeler, Content Czar
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Howard Lerman
Howard Lerman, CEO
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Gideon Rubin
Gideon Rubin, CMO
Local Market Launch[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]brendan-king2
Brendan King, CEO
VendAsta[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jay Lee
Jay Lee, CEO
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jason E. Klein
Jason Klein, CEO
OnGrid Ventures
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jason E. Klein
Chris Mancini, CMO
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]andrew shotland
Andrew Shotland
LocalSEOGuide[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]anne bezancon
Anne Bezancon
President, Placecast[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Ben Siscovick
Ben Siscovick
Partner, IA Ventures[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Doug Stephens
Doug Stephens
CEO, Retail Prophet[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Duncan McCall
Duncan McCall
CEO, PlaceIQ[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Peter Curzon
Peter Curzon,
Business Development
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Matt Booth
Matt Booth,
CEO, Solfo
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Heather Grossman
Heather Grossmann,
Associate Publisher
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Greg Goldfarb
Greg Goldfarb,
CEO, Flint
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Matt Turck
Matt Turck,
Managing Director
FirstMark Capital
[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan,
CEO, ByteLight[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Ohad Tzur
Ohad Tzur,
Wildfire Partnerships Lead
Google[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Christian Ward
Christian Ward
EVP Partnerships, Yext[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Neg Norton
Neg Norton
CEO, Local Search Association[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Joel Hughes
Joel Hughes
SVP Strategy, Constant Contact[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jeremy Kagan
Jeremy Kagan,
CEO, Pricing Engine[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Luke Edson
Luke Edson,
VP National Markets, YP[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Scott Brodbeck
Scott Brodbeck,
Publisher, ARL Now[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Tony Longo
Tony Longo,
CEO, CO Everywhere[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Sean-Barkulis
Sean Barkulis,
CEO, UPlanMe[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Matt-Voigt
Matt Voigt,
CEO, Saambaa[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Greg Sterling
Greg Sterling, , Principal
Opus Research[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Wesley Barrow
Wesley Barrow, , CRO
Nomi[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Julie Brooks
Julie Brooks, Publisher[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Michael Learmonth
Michael Learmonth
Deputy Managing Editor Ad Age[/column]