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Consumers spend 10% of their time on mobile…

… Marketers spend only 1% of their budgets on mobile.

A new white paper helps bridge the gap, offering the most comprehensive resource for understanding how to target and CONVERT individuals at key moments in the purchase cycle.


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Sponsored by Moasis[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Reaching the right consumers at the right moment demands that you know where your target customers go, their behaviors, and then deploy the right channels to reach them.

“Hyperlocal Targeting on the Mobile Platform” answers questions like:

  • How do hyperlocal targeting technologies work? How many are there?
  • How do I choose which option is best for my business or my client?
  • Does hyperlocal targeting make a difference for ROI? (The answer: yes.)
  • What are some of the pitfalls I need to know to avoid?

This report speaks to both newcomers and aficionados with case studies, expert analysis, use cases, and a glossary of terms.

“Hyperlocal Targeting on the Mobile Platform” covers wifi, lat-long, IP lookup, device targeting and other technologies, as well as the ad buying options available, from exchanges to real-time bidding, and the companies proffering solutions.

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$399.00 $339.15