Better Mobile Search Strategies To Help SMBs Boost Their Revenues in a Big Way


It’s the year 2016. Apple is about to release its seventh generation of the iPhone. 68% of U.S. consumers have smartphones, and mobile takes up 62% of their total digital time, with 80% of them using their mobile devices while shopping. But where are marketers? Largely stuck on desktops, with websites that aren’t responsive to the mobile platform, getting dinged by Google when consumers perform searches on their mobile devices.

If marketers are going to win over consumers in the mobile age, they need to not only make their businesses findable, but also to begin creating a connection with consumers the moment they perform a search.

This report makes the case for a better mobile strategy, through comparison examples and ready-to-go strategies. Essential for SMBs, digital agencies and local marketing solutions providers. Download this report now!



The Mobile Curtain: Opimizing Local Presence for Mobile Search - Table of Contents