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Get an inside look at 500+ local businesses to understand which platforms they trust most, how they manage spend, where they struggle in local digital marketing, and much more in this exclusive research report. How are they using social media? How much does mobile matter? Do they want to DIY or DIFM or DIWM?

Understand what motivates the merchants you pitch to everyday and provide them with the support they need to get more value from their local marketing spend.

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Key Findings

  • Two-thirds of survey respondents use social media for lead generation and to build brand awareness
  • Majority of small businesses surveyed work with a single marketing provider
  • Only 22% of small businesses currently use mobile marketing, of those nearly half allocate one quarter or more of ad budget
  • 47% of businesses said email marketing is the most effective form of media
  • 54% cite new customer acquisition as a primary objective of local marketing efforts

GET THE REPORT (1) - Edited


Exclusive Tips For Pitching Smarter

The Local Merchant Report offers service providers with a detailed guide to pitching local merchants, with an entire section devoted to what they want from vendors, when they want it, and how they want it.

  • Understand what motivates merchant spend
  • Help merchants see more clear value from digital campaign
  • Pitch to effectively address key concerns and overcome objections
  • Get the inside edge on what merchants want next

In-Depth Case Studies

Case studies featuring retailers and restaurants look at where hyperlocal succeeds:

  • Restaurant uses hyperlocal tracking technology to measure campaign ROI
  • Clothing boutique boosts social interactions with digital rewards
  • Grocery stores adopting digital couponing find unexpected returns
  • Retailers pair social contests with email to improve campaigns results

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