The 2017 Local Merchant Report


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Local merchants are the backbone of the industry, the massive potential and promise of the disruptive, transformative solutions that have exploded onto the scene in the last ten years.

Local merchants have been slow to adapt in a meaningful way, however, and our fourth survey, captured in the Local Merchant Report out today, does show some positive upward trending, including:

• 72% rely on social media; 40% use paid Facebook ads
• 57% intend to significantly expand their spend in 2018
• Most of that will go toward social & email
• 60% of big spenders use CRM tools; smaller spenders use spreadsheets
• Their biggest pain point is SEO, followed by paid search
• They’re looking ahead to new technologies, especially at the register
— among other key insights!
  • Download the Executive Summary for free, and gain further insights in the full 2017 Local Merchant Report. What’s more, we’re offering access to the survey’s author, Street Fight director of research, David Card, to discuss how the report’s finding’s apply to your business.
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Exclusive Tips For Product Strategy

Become a “smart supplier” of commerce and technology by utilizing the Local Merchant Report’s insights and suggestions on product strategy enhancement. Be the platform that today’s local merchants are looking for:

  • Serve as a social-centric platform to stay relevant
  • Understand the shift in priorities and spend for today’s local merchants
  • Help local merchants understand the power of your platform
  • Stay competitive by bundling first/third party data for more actionable insights

In-Depth Case Studies

The study highlights case studies featuring retailers and restaurants look at where hyperlocal succeeds:

  • Local retailers use social for customer insights and as a media platform.
  • Restaurant group analyzed customer data from loyalty programs to effectively integrate with POS and back-office systems.
  • Franchise food chain reduced the time spent managing social media across multiple local Facebook pages using a streamlined automation strategy.
  • Health store used digital marketing tools to give products an online presence without actually selling through their websites.

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