Strategies and Takeaways for Local Media to Capture National Marketing Dollars


Context is everything, and for 54% of the national marketers we surveyed, being associated with local media is key to their strategy.

Based on our survey this year of 200+ large regional and national marketers, this report features first-hand insights as well as takeaways for implementable strategies.

Local media, and those who provide solutions for them, will find this report essential to developing strategy and capturing the attention and budgets of national marketers.

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Local media that focus exclusively on selling ads to local businesses are missing a big opportunity. Enterprise marketers — big brands, retailers, national manufacturers, financial services companies — are shifting marketing and advertising budgets to support their local branches and distributors. Many rely on local media, even as those budgets become increasingly digital.

Street Fight surveyed these national-to-local marketers and found a big group of them who feel it’s important for their marketing and advertising to involve local media and content. In fact, this group, over half (54%) of the respondents, is one of the best targets for local digital market- ing. They’re big companies, they’re spending a large portion of their digital budgets locally, and they’re increasing that portion.

Some of the key findings of our survey analysis include the following:



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