Webinar: Using Contextual Location to Deliver Relevant Content Everywhere | Street Fight

Webinar: Using Contextual Location to Deliver Relevant Content Everywhere

StreetFight_Skyhook_RCDE[twitter style=”vertical” source=”streetfightmag” hashtag=”#localdata” text=”Free Webinar:
Using Context Location to Deliver Relevant Content Everywhere” float=”right”]All publishers want to increase the value of their ad inventory while advertisers are demanding increasingly higher conversion rates. Both need to keep consumers happy, and coming back for the best content and experiences. Is there a world where publishers, advertisers and consumers can win?

This webinar explores new mobile and contextual technology that makes that world a reality by unlocking the power of place. Schneidermike of Skyhook Wireless and Aaron Strout of W2O Group discuss how first-party mobile location data yields incredible insight into consumer behavior. It’s precisely that insight that will make advertising so relevant, it feels just like content.

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Aaron Strout
Managing Director
W2O Group
W2O Group is an independent network of complementary marketing, communications, R&D firms focused on integrated business solutions to drive change and growth through “pragmatic disruption” for the world’s leading brands and organizations.


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Mike Schneider
VP, Marketing
Skyhook is the big data company that’s continuously reinventing location. Skyhook’s massive global network powers billions of location requests monthly, fueling apps and devices for tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, SONY and Mapquest. 

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