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Content Series: How Can Contextual Mobile Data Improve Advertising?

Skyhook_LogoThis series explores a transformative trend in mobile advertising and digital media: delivering more relevant ads to consumers based on anonymous demographic and behavioral personas. The industry insights, case studies and strategies in this series demonstrate how location data and the rich context it yields enables offline attribution, increases ad inventory value and helps deliver relevant content everywhere. Read more: Download “How Mobile Location and Behavioral Context Skyrocket Conversion Rates.”[hr]


Relevant Content or Privacy? Choose Both


The challenge many publishers face is how to increase ad inventory value through personalized ads without exposing sensitive, personally identifiable data and violating user privacy. There are 3 main ways that publishers can extend their access to sharable, ad-request-friendly user data, but only one of them provides both consumer privacy and the ability to increase ad inventory value… Read more.

[hr]Relevant Content Delivered Everywhere: How CardStar’s Contextual Mobile Experience Increases Ad Engagement

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 4.16.57 PM

Powered by Skyhook Wireless’s Context Accelerator SDK, CardStar launched a new interface that intuitively populates users’ loyalty cards, key tags and deal content based on their proximity to nearby geofenced venues. The update brought with it a user experience that better fits into the natural flow of users’ lives, while creating a new revenue stream for CardStar. Read more.

[hr]How to Deliver Relevant Content Everywhere

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.48.47 PMBecause users carry their mobile devices at all times, publishers can easily get to know their audiences based on where they go and what they do. We are not far from a future in which content is constantly adapted based on user context. This rich contextual data on users enables publishers to know the interests, activities, shopping patterns and mobile behavior of their audiences at a given time and place. Coming soon.[hr]


How to Pitch Your Personas to Agencies and Brands

Anonymized Consumer Personas have emerged as a critical factor for delivering effective targeting in hyperlocal marketing. The approach allows ad tech platforms and media buyers to meet privacy regulations and still deliver relevant ads and content to target consumers. On this webinar, you will learn what Personas are and how they are created. Speakers will provide the positioning language needed to align personas with traditional demographics used in media buying.