Sponsored Content: One Fitness Brand Flexes Mobile Muscle to be Found by Local Customers

Growth in health and fitness related apps is 87% faster than other industries and because of the New Year, overall search traffic is at a high. We compared 24-Hour Fitness and L.A. Fitness to see which brand could best KO Local.

Sponsored Content: Hyperlocal Strategy Updates Needed for Two National Drug Store Chains

This month’s Brand Battle, in conjunction with Brandify, compares the local digital marketing footprint of two of the country’s largest pharmacy chains: CVS and Walgreens. The contest was close on several counts, but Walgreens emerged as the winner, edging CVS in five of the six categories evaluated.

Sponsored Content: With Banks, There’s a Brand Battle on Every Corner

This month’s Brand Battle, in conjunction with Brandify, compares the local-social engagement strategies of two of the U.S.’ largest banks: Bank of America and Chase. The contest was close on several counts, but Chase emerged as the winner, with social engagement the determining factor in this matchup.

Sponsored Content: Localizing Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

After getting listed in online directories, setting up SEO-optimized websites, and creating profiles on popular social channels, running a PPC campaign is the next logical step for local business marketers. This post is part of a series on strategies in local digital marketing, sponsored by Mediative.

Sponsored Content: 6 Strategies for Success in Social Media

Business owners should be developing comprehensive social marketing strategies. Those merchants who haven’t taken the first step by creating Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their businesses are losing out on customer loyalty, as well as new opportunities for growth.

Sponsored Content: Ad Improvements Could Strengthen Local Appeal of Costco, Sam’s Club

Members of the wholesale retail chains Sam’s Club and Costco swear by the low costs that come with buying in bulk, and locations cater their offerings to the local market. But these two companies could take a fresh look at their branding strategies and interactions with customers.

Sponsored Content: Duplicate Listings Are Killing Your Business

Duplicate listings are one of the most common data problems plaguing small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. They can confuse potential customers, and cause your clients to lose business. But many marketers are uncertain about how duplicates are created, the problem they cause, and how best to address them.

Sponsored Content: What to Know About SEO

In order to start seeing a positive ROI on their websites, businesses of all sizes need to find ways to drive traffic to their digital properties beyond online listings and digital offers. In most cases, that means relying on search engines to bring in the crowds.

Will Newspaper Companies Find Revival in Local Video?

Ten years from now newspapers will be delivering more local video programming than TV stations. Inconceivable? Sub out the word newspapers for “a local media company formerly known as a newspaper,” and consider the assets, cash-flow and aggressiveness of these big print companies, and you might warm up to my theory.

Sponsored Post: Building an Integrated Local Digital Strategy

Merchants like Brendan Madigan, owner of Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City, Calif., say local listing management is an important component in their larger digital marketing strategies: “So many people want to contact your business … and if you’re late to the party, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.”

Movie Theaters Missing the Mark on Local Advertising Battle

A recent data analysis by digital marketing company Where2Get, for its “Brand Battle” series on Street Fight, compared the success of AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas. A winner between the two did emerge — AMC, by a hair, as both companies could do better to address their local marketing strategies across the country.

Sponsored Content: BlackMonk’s CMS Solution for Publishers

Although “hyperlocal” is a huge opportunity, introducing innovative marketing solutions for local businesses can be a challenge for small publishers as they lack in-house technology expertise to support these services.

Sponsored Post: 3 Ways Retail Brands Are Using Technology To Beef Up In-Store Experiences

This post is sponsored by Worldwide Business Research/Future Stores. The retail industry is in the midst of a significant shift brought about the advent of new digital capabilities and the ascendance of multichannel e-commerce platforms. The proliferation of desktop, mobile, and in-store shopping channels has transformed the way consumers interact with brands, creating a more […]

Sponsored Post: Brand and Agency Leaders Gather to Talk Media Buying for Mobile Media Summit Upfront @ Internet Week 2015

Mobile Media Summit, the largest mobile media and advertising conference in North America and Europe, is heading to New York City for the 6th annual Mobile Media Summit Upfront @ Internet Week, May 18 at the legendary IAC Building. With a who’s who of digital advertising in attendance, it’s the place to talk mobile during […]

Sponsored Post: CU New Venture Challenge Completes 7th Season

The University of Colorado program’s year-long schedule includes cross-campus events to help teams refine their ability to pitch, perfect their business model, and connect with other entrepreneurial minded members of the university…

Sponsored Post: Using Analytics to Optimize a PPC Campaign

When it comes to uncovering the real value behind a pay-per-call (PPC) campaign, analytics are key. Performance analytics provide the types of holistic insights that marketers need to determine what is working about their PPC campaigns — and what isn’t…

Strategies & Best Practices to Help Combat SMB Churn

ven after a decade or more of trying, small business churn remains stubbornly high. As traditional media and digital pure plays strive to find the right mix of product, service and scale, no one seems to have fully cracked the code on local digital media sales…

Sponsored Post: Category Granularity — Where Per-Per-Call Campaigns Perform Best

When it comes to running pay-per-call marketing campaigns, taking the time to select the most appropriate business categories is crucial for identifying high-quality leads and maximizing return on investment…