RhythmOne Introduces Linear TV Attribution Partnership with Placed

Marketing technology end-to-end platform RhythmOne announced an expansion of its relationship with attribution solution Placed this week, incorporating linear tv measurements into their already existing partnership.

The Future of Advertising in an Autonomous Vehicle Landscape

When autonomous vehicles begin to replace traditional cars, the local business advertising market will shift alongside. But SMB advertising might not actually look dramatically different than it does today; instead, today’s location-based, personalized marketing will reach new customizable extremes.

Publishers, Advertisers Turn Focus to In-App Mobile Video

Mobile video ad spend may capture more than half of all digital video dollars in 2018 and is projected to grow 54% year over year, according to PubMatic’s Quarter Three Quarterly Mobile Index. The popularity of mobile video ads is in large part driven by consumer behavior, said Osbaldo Franco, PubMatic’s director of marketing research.

On Google, Hyperlocal Listing Strategy is Key to Brick-and-Mortar Success

Called “How to Survive in Google’s Local Search Ecosystem,” GMB senior product manager Steven Chen’s talk at Brandify’s annual conference emphasized the importance of a hyperlocal listing strategy in which multi-location brands empower franchisees to take ownership of their own user-facing information.

Review Strategy Is Key to Restaurant Success, Says TripAdvisor Restaurants Marketing Leader

What’s one of the secrets to a coveted top spot on a TripAdvisor Restaurants list? Respond to every review within 24 hours, said Mark Goloboy, the marketing leader for TripAdvisor Restaurants, at a panel during Brandify’s 2018 conference. Responding to reviews effectively can make the difference between showing up on the first and fourth pages of the site.

Standard Cognition Democratizes the Cashierless Model, Providing Solution for Traditional Stores

Standard Cognition offers a product called Standard Checkout that retrofits cashier-based grocery stores into cashierless systems. Unlike the new cashierless Amazon Go, Standard Cognition is not a grocery chain itself, but instead a solution for chains that compete with Amazon Go, co-founder and COO Michael Suswal told Street Fight.

Case Study: Zipsprout Fosters Awareness of Local Brands via Non-Profit Sponsorships

For enterprise companies looking to expand into new markets, Zipsprout’s micro-sponsoring of local non-profits offers an innovative way to go about supplementing traditional media spend.

Relevnt Aims to Integrate Local and Social Media on Community-Based Website

Local and social media, produced by individuals and news sites alike, have a new place to hang out, and it’s called Relevnt. Launched late last year, the app “is like Yelp meets Reddit for social media,” said Winder Hughes, the company’s CEO and founder.

Reveal Mobile Predicts Big Holiday Season Ad Spend for SMBs, With Social, Location At the Top

This coming holiday season, social, location-based advertising will dominate small business ad spend, according to a recent survey conducted by Reveal Mobile, a location-based marketing company. The survey also indicated that brands are increasingly comfortable with location-based tactics like geotargeting.

Dstillery and CultureWaves Partner on Observed Behavior-Based Marketing

CultureWaves has partnered with Dstillery to launch VOICE, a product that offers behavior-based segmentation for marketers. The new tool will allow marketers to overlay behavioral analysis on mobile device data in order to dig into the reasons for customer behavior.

Placed and Adobe Advertising Cloud Launch TV Attribution Partnership

Adobe Advertising Cloud and Placed, an online-to-offline attribution company, have launched a partnership that will measure whether linear television advertising drives in-store visits. Through the partnership, Adobe will provide the data used to place ads, which Placed then examines to connect ads to store visits.

Customer Data Platforms Compete to Define the Evolution of the Category

Simon Data President and Co-founder Josh Neckes predicts that the CDP category will split into two groups of winners—companies more like Segment and mParticle, and companies like his own, Action IQ, and Zaius. “There’s probably room for two-to-three winners,” he says.

Boosted by Fresh Funding, PebblePost Gives Snail Mail a Programmatic Upgrade

Programmatic in the digital world promises marketers the right person and message at the right time and price. “We’re taking that technology, and then applying it not to re-serving digital ads through a DSP, but serving ads into a consumer’s mailbox,” said PebblePost Chief Growth Officer Geoff Dodge.

Emodo Supply Offers First Carrier-Verified Data for Programmatic Advertising

In what the company is touting as a breakthrough for the programmatic advertising industry, a new service will use carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile data at the supply level. Called Emodo Supply, the product will be offered by telecom giant Ericsson’s mobile advertising platform in partnership with programmatic trading company Axonix.

ZypMedia Opens Up Programmatic Video for Local Advertisers, Focusing on OTT

For local advertisers looking to access cutting-edge marketing technology, programmatic advertising company ZypMedia promises the full package. Over the last year, the company has set its sights on OTT, which has garnered strong interest from both local advertisers and publishers hoping to capture the attention of streamers.

At CallRail, Community Forums Prove Valuable for Product Development

Community forums—online spaces where consumers and developers can interact and collaborate— are increasingly popular tools for companies hoping to improve their product development and ideation. The strategy is working effectively for marketing tech vendor CallRail.

SendtoNews Aims to Guarantee Brand Safety for Advertisers

Publishers like Facebook and YouTube often cause consternation for advertisers over brand safety. Content delivery and advertising company SendtoNews promises to change that state of affairs with its service. “We’re completely brand safe,” said CEO Matthew Watson.

How JumpCrew Grew to a Team of 200 in Just About Two Years

The way that people are going about acquiring new customers has really kind of been the same for the last 15–20 years,” CEO Robert Henderson said. He hopes that JumpCrew’s services will change that. “We’re putting together those solutions in packages and processes that are really easy for businesses to understand,” he said.

Flytedesk Empowers Advertisers to Reach Coveted Audience: College Students

Millennials, college kids, 18–24’s—whatever advertisers may choose to call them, they are the most desirable demographic for companies large and small, according to Alex Kronman, founder and CEO of flytedesk, which aims to connect advertisers of all sizes with that coveted audience.

Home Services Platform Porch to Partner with Overstock.com

Porch’s partnership with Overstock—an e-commerce platform that sells primarily home goods— will allow customers to arrange set-up and installation for their purchases.