DoorDash CEO: Opportunity in Local Delivery Is ‘Vast’

“The core thesis … is to build a new type of logistics company where we’re using software that makes a lot of decisions previously made by humans,” said DoorDash CEO Tony Xu, who will be a keynote speaker at Street Fight Summit West. We spoke with him about scoring funding in a cooling investment market and the future of delivery as the company’s primary service.

Sussing Out Google’s Master Plan in the Post-App Era

Google’s counter-attack to the world of apps can be seen in several places. In fact most Google moves are to drive mobile behavior through its front door. This principle underpinned nearly every announcement at Google I/O.

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Street Fight Daily: Apple Working on Major Siri Update, Facebook to Boost Branded Content

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Apple is Working on an AI System that Tops Google’s and Everyone Else’s… Facebook Set to Foster Popularity of Branded Content… The Facebook Papers Part 4: What’s a Publisher to Do?…

Street Culture: Glympse Builds an Open Community to Empower Staff

The company has relied heavily on employees to be efficient outside of their comfort zones. Co-founder and CEO Bryan Trussel said that he hopes Glympse is a fun and challenging place to work, and he believes empowering employees is one way to make sure that happens.

5 On-Demand Platforms for Lawn Care

Hyperlocal technology providers believe they can be the conduit to connect homeowners with landscaping professionals, and they’re using the same on-demand model as startups like Uber, Handy, and Instacart to make it happen. Here are five examples.

Street Fight Daily: Facebook Starts Selling Off-Site Ads, Snapchat Scores $1.8 Billion

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Facebook Starts Selling Off-Site Ads Targeting Non-Users Too… Snapchat Raises $1.8 Billion In New Funding Round… The Future of Voice-Related SEO for Local Business…

Connecting Dots in the Path to Purchase, Empyr Focuses on Pay-Per-Sale for SMBs

The company’s CEO Jon Carder says that when you can prove attribution to local marketers, their rate of attrition drops dramatically: “It just gets incredibly better because there’s proof of how well the advertising’s working.” Empyr’s solution for attribution connects credit card information with mobile impressions.

New App From GoDaddy Wants to Help Entrepreneurs Brainstorm Business Ideas

The app is a community space that fields and vets ideas from its users. People can log on and anonymously enter a concept they have for say, starting a local gardening service and receive support and advice in the form of “loves” — which is sort of like a Facebook like.

Local Papers’ Love-Hate Relationship With Facebook Is Proving a Heartbreaker

What if local newspapers, instead of chasing after ever-bigger traffic numbers via platforms like Facebook, cultivated fewer but more receptive users — the kind that would be more attentive to advertising messages, especially if the messages had less blare and more flair. Could going deeper on community coverage result in higher CPMs?

Street Fight Daily: Uber and Foursquare Join Forces, Twitter Disbands Commerce Team

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Uber and Foursquare Team Up to Make It Easier to Find Your Destination… Heavy-Hitter Investors Plan a For-Profit Launch Next Month in Denver… Twitter Disbands Commerce Team, Ceases Product Development on ‘Buy’ Button…

PlaceIQ Releases Location Data Accuracy Study, Debuts ‘Dynamic Distancing’ Tech

The company has released the results of an independent, third-party analysis of location data accuracy in 150 locations across five U.S. cities and also announced the launch of its Dynamic Distancing technology, which it says offers comprehensive, “reality-based” data for use by brands and marketers.

Yelp’s Richard: Local Will See a ‘Tendency Toward Collaboration’

Like many other companies with location at their core, Yelp is in the process of morphing its fundamental offering into something more. The company is hoping its user reviews are just the groundwork for a more holistic service for merchants and customers alike.

Street Fight Daily: Google Maps to Feature Local Ads, Foursquare’s Restaurants Bot

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google Maps Will Feature Local Search Ads for Businesses… PlaceIQ Releases Location Data Accuracy Study, Debuts ‘Dynamic Distancing’ Tech… Foursquare Just Quietly Released a Bot for Finding Restaurants…

As Google Doubles Down on Mobile, How Can SMBs Keep Pace?

Google has been refocusing its efforts to create a “better web” by not only increasing the importance of mobile-friendly websites and better mobile browsing experiences but by fundamentally redefining what the mobile web experience is altogether.

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Case Study: Hardware Store Shifts Marketing Mix, Joins the ‘Buy Local’ Movement

Taylor’s Do it Center is never going to be able to compete with corporate heavyweights like Home Depot and Lowe’s. But the company is hoping to turn its locally owned status into an asset, rather than a liability, by partnering with other small businesses and educating consumers on the benefits of buying local.

Street Fight Daily: AmazonFresh to See Major Expansion, Tribune Rejects Second Gannett Offer

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Amazon to Launch Fresh Grocery Delivery Service in New Markets Including U.K. and Boston… Tribune Rejects Gannett’s Second Offer, Talks May Be Ahead… Why Buy Buttons on Pinterest and Instagram Still Haven’t Taken Off for Retailers…

Why Location Was a Dominant Theme at This Year’s Google I/O

With clearer direction and some major updates to how mobile sensors can interact with the physical world, Google has not only taken the position that location-awareness will be a driver of mobile advancement in the years go come, they have leapfrogged Apple’s efforts in doings so.

VCs Share 7 Strategies for Hyperlocal Startups Looking to Raise Money

As access to venture capital funding softens within the startup community, it’s becoming even more important for hyperlocal firms to think more strategically about how they’ll fund their great ideas. Here, several top VCs talk about the groundwork that founders need to do to make their funding goals a reality in 2016.