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2013 Report on the State of the Local Merchant

In a year when big data became local and location-targeting techniques took a giant leap forward, local merchants remained laser-focused on a key goal: finding new customers. In this report, dozens of local businesses discuss the tools and strategies they’re using to drive toward that goal — where they help and where they fall short.

From single-operator shops to multi-location organizations, businesses are ramping up their use of hyperlocal marketing tools and displaying increasing sophistication, yet many are still not convinced of all hyperlocal marketing solutions’ effectiveness. Some, it seems, are viewed as better than others and uncertainty about results remains a chief inhibitor, with 43% withholding spend as a result.
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Street Fight’s second annual report on the Local Merchant digs into the current trends and nuances among this important customer base, through conversations with small business owners from around the country, as well as dozens of hyperlocal vendors and experts, weaving together original data, recent reports, case studies and analysis.

Download THE LOCAL MERCHANT 2013 to find out what merchants are thinking, how they evaluate hyperlocal tools, and where they’re putting their marketing dollars. This 53-page report will help you develop the right approaches to winning local marketing dollars.

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