5 Questions for John Grant of Mobywan (Mobeo)

This is the eighth in a series of Q&As with leaders / up-n-comers in the local space.

Who is he: John Grant

What does he do: one of the four founders of Mobywan, founded in July, 2010 and currently self-funded. The company has one iPhone/Android app currently, Mobeo…

Shop Savvier with Groupon Integration

ShopSavvy just got savvier… or at least dealier.

Continuing the trend of deal-0-day sites integrating with other destinations and apps, ShopSavvy is partnering with couponing giant Groupon to deliver offfers direct to ShopSavvy smartyphone users…

WHERE Helps You Bump Into a Perfect Place

Ever debated about where to go and what to do? Sure you have. Where once you had to leave it to your brain and powers of persuasion you can now, finally, leave it to a machine. (And maybe a “bump”.)

That machine, evolved today by WHERE, Inc., is known as Perfect Places (seems every startup’s got “Place” in their name somewhere these days) which aims to help you and friends peacefully find cool things to do together by recommending nearby venues based on shared interests or tastes. This is a further improvement of WHERE’s proprietary recommendation engine, in use by four million people…

Crowdsourced Mapping Leads Your Cell to the Signal

Classic modern quandary: Travel to the lake for a little R&R even though there might not be a cell signal connecting your to precisely what you’re trying to briefly escape?

Sure, you could count on the carrier’s coverage map and take your chances. Orrrrr you could get hip and look to a crowd-data-sourcing-experiment being conducted by Staircase 3, Inc. ..

Deal of the Day: LivingSocial to Distribute Local Bargains on Examiner.com

Yahoo Local doesn’t have it. CitySearch doesn’t. Patch.com? Nope. Seems Examiner.com is the first “local service” striking a deal to distribute LivingSocial’s popular group-buying deals.

Announced today, LivingSocial will distribute it’s up to 90%-discounted deals to 130 of Examiner.com’s network of 240 local markets…

Snapshot: Mobile-Social-Local by the Numbers

I came upon some interesting numbers on mobile social media worth sharing. Lisa Braziel at ignite social media pulled together data from a number of different studies of late to tell a bit of a story about the recent evolution in mobile-social. Unfortunately, like most research of breadth, it’s a piece of the past and not a realtime reflection. So keep that in mind while digesting.

SNL Kagan looked at location-based services activity between ’09 and ’10, finding that usership almost tripled. Braziel concluded this, in addition to other data points, indicate 2011 could be the year of mobile social — where it goes truly mainstream. Take a look at the graphic from eMarketer