Personalized Recommendations Lead to WHERE

As promised on, WHERE, Inc., is now launching the latest version of its local discovery service pressing people to “discover their next favorite place.”…

5 Questions for Artem and Dmitry of Goodzer

This is the fourth in a series of brief Q&As with leaders and up-and-comers in the local space

Describe Goodzer as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this Goodzer”?
Goodzer helps you every time you want to buy anything you need in the local stores…

Newspapers + GeoMesh of Providers = Interesting

In the olden days (1991) I earned a stipend-like salary working for a Gannett newspaper outside Philadelphia. I did a number of things there, some of them poorly (i.e. quickly copyediting stories on tax rate hike debates) and some well (writing headlines; teaching desktop publishing).

But one of the most fascinating jobs I got to do was man the Associated Press wire. On the old glowing-green terminals they had us looking into in the smokey and nearly windowless newsroom, the AP feed would pour in like a precursor to The Matrix’s cascading code imagery…

Grocery Guide: The Hyper-GeoMobileSavvy List!

OK ShopKick, ShopSavvy, CardStar and all the rest of you: Time for a new challenge. We the lazy, the lost, the hurried, the ignorant need someone to not only lead us to water; we need to be led from pond to pond.

I’m talking of course about those of us (particularly of a certain gender) who when entering a grocery store with list in hand (or more likely on our phone) proceed to criss-cross the place looking for sugar among the paper towels and ice cream near the butter. Who lays out these places? And forget about the wayfinding provided by signage. There needs to be a better way…

5 Questions for Rick Blair of

This is the fifth in a series of brief Q&As with leaders and up-and-comers in the local space.

Describe Examiner as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this Examiner?”
Think of the early roots of information exchange, before the Internet, before phones even. People would return from travels abroad with news, ideas and new trends and happenings. People received their information from those around them that were closest to the subject matter. That’s what

5 Questions for Clay Graham of RateCred

This is the fourth in a series of brief Q&As with leaders and up-and-comers in the local space

Describe RateCred as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this RateCred?”
Well my mom uses RateCred. One day she said to me “Clay, can I try that rate for credit thing you do? Last night I went to my favorite Greek restaurant, and they gave me a free Souvlaki appetizer! I always go places that I want my friends to know about.” So we don’t try to be a directory of places, although we do that too, what we want to do very well is is make it simple to share your opinion about the places you go with your friends. We then make that a game with rewards so it’s fun to play the rating game with others…

Air Force Flies Red Flag Over GeoSocial

WARNING: “…careless use of [geosocial] services by airmen can have devastating operations security and privacy implications,” stated someone at the Air Force according to the Associated Press. (I presume that means airwomen as well.)

This is the latest red flag thrown by the U.S. military – this time the U.S. Air Force – in an ongoing battle between freedom to engage in virtually social apps and perceived security violations resulting from that activity…

Augmented Reality? Layar It On Me

There’s nothing particularly new about augmented reality applications on mobile devices, nor with Layar – likely the leading platform for this activity (except for the fact that they recently received a boatload of investment dollars). But I thought it possible some readers were not all that familiar and would benefit from a better knowledge of […]

Skyhook’s Tools = Music + People + Location

Geosocial music? Listen up: After integrating Skyhook‘s Local Fave’s toolkit, deploying geosocial features, Intersect World LLC‘s music apps experienced a growth spurt and has seen over 2.5 million downloads. They are not alone in the effort to tie together an emotion-based, inherently social experience of online music with human connections. But Skyhook is doing some interesting things to make it happen. […]

5 Questions for Sam Altman of Loopt

This is the third in a series of brief Q&As with leaders in the local space.

Describe Loopt as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this Loopt?”
Think about the last time you walked into a coffee shop, and saw someone that you hadn’t seen a long time, or you stumble into a gallery that you love. This is one of those great life experiences that are amazingwhen you have them, but they don’t happen terribly often on their own. With Loopt, you get a sharper view, you can see that a friend is 10 blocks away, get alerts when they are close, see what places your friends like around you. These “intentional accidents” are what make Loopt fascinating to a lot of people…

Global GeoTweet Map Gone Rad

The fabulous frog design has crafted a slick live aerial view of tweets as they come in and then are overlain on a world heat map. You’ve seen this before in various forms but this one has at least one thing the others don’t: 3D. Yep, put on your glasses, select “3D Stereo View” and immerse […]

5 Million Reasons to Develop that Geo-News App

Think you’ve got a great idea for disseminating news using geoX technology and want to vie for a part of five meeelyion dollars? Sure you do. Welcome to this year’s edition of the Knight News Challenge, where anyone and everyone is invited to submit their solution for advancing the future of news by funding new ways […]

5 Questions for Mark Josephson of

This is the second in a series of brief Q&As with leaders in the local space.

So who are you?
Mark Josephson

What do you do?
CEO of

Describe as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this Outside In?” collects news and information from a wide variety of sources across the web (everything from your local weekly paper to your favorite local blog) and organizes it all by neighborhood. We then take all of these locally relevant headlines and show them on our site,, as well as on the sites of hundreds of major media companies like CNN, NYTimes, Tribune, NYPost and more…

Playboy ‘Scout’ Reveals Geo-Based Nightlife Content

Has Geo-local jumped the shark? Mmm, not yet but close. Xtify’s Playboy Scout is a “mobile application enhanced with location-triggered content delivery” using the company’s geo-location push notification technology. Available on Android phones and soon on other smartphone platforms, the Scout application presents “exclusive” nightlife oriented offers and information about events, clubs, and bars which […]

Hob-Knob and WiFi Equal Instant Geo-Community

Just briefly: We seen this attempted before with different levels of success. But no reason to think Florida-based Hob-Knob has not overcome past challenges and is prepared to pull a neat rabbit from their hat. Essentially Hob-Knob’s app (iPhone, Android by Q4) empowers ephemeral communities to pop up based on a wifi geo-fence. That is, […]

5 Questions for Walt Doyle of Where Inc.

This is the first in a series of brief Q&As with leaders in the local space.

Who is he?
Walt Doyle

What does he do?
CEO of Where, Inc.

Describe WHERE as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this WHERE?”
WHERE is a service on mobile phones and the web that helps people discover their local area. Based on some information about your interests, WHERE helps you discover great places and great deals that you may not know about. WHERE Ads is an advertising network that helps connect business owners with a local audience…

‘Hyperlocal’ – Everyone’s Sold Except Advertisers?

This guest post, originally here, is from BRANDWEEK writer Elena Malykhina

Hyperlocal is not all it’s hyped up to be as an ad medium – but such venues are making efforts to juice up their offerings and turn the focus on targeted consumer-centric content and experiences into increasingly compelling opportunities for advertisers…

Pew-Pew … Research Says Only 4% Use LBS

According to new a Pew study those wickedly popular ‘geosocial’ services we love to foam about (Foursquare, Gowalla, FBook Places, etc.) are demonstrating reach exceeding grasp. Time to back off the “wickedly.” According to the study by Pew Research, four percent of adults use LBS; one percent use these services on any given day. Party Pewpers. […]

WHERE, Constant Contact Partner to Drive Daily Deals

Constant Contact and WHERE are teaming up to deliver a novel solution to help merchants drive local commerce. Hey, why should they be left out of the geolocation deals bonanza? The integration will allow small business owners to create daily deals through WHERE and market them to their current customers through Constant Contact’s email marketing […]

In Geosocial Universe: Big Suns, Shooting Stars

It might be appropriate on a day that Facebook announces single sign-on, new API to Places, local deals and that its service is “multiples” larger than any other (Foursquare: Snap!) that we recall a visual from the recent past by JESS3 (click image for large version). You’ll note how products are compared in relative terms […]