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Local’s Visual Future: The Rise of AR and Visual Search

“The camera is the new search box.” This has been the rally cry from companies embracing visual search. This emerging area is defined by apps that let consumers hold up their smartphones to identify and get information about physical world items. At the same time, app development kits released by Apple and Google democratize AR app creation by putting into the hands of millions of developers, and hundreds of millions of consumers. The result could be an explosion of AR apps.

But how will this play out? How long will it take? What does it mean for local media and commerce? What will be best practices in developing AR apps? And how will apps best integrate with existing media or search products? These questions are tackled throughout this report.

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The State of Hyperlocal 2018 Report

In technology-driven markets, it’s usually wise to be just a little ahead of your customers, while not ignoring the well-earned maxim to “follow the money.” So Street Fight asked executives on the supply side of the hyperlocal economy where they saw customer dollars shifting, as well as where they were making their own investments, and compared that to surveys of their customers.

The findings, analyzed in this chart-packed third annual report, provide an essential strategy document for any business operating in the dynamic local marketing and commerce ecosystem.

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Enterprise Local Marketers 2017: Benchmarking and Best Practices

Enterprise marketers are shifting their overall digital advertising and marketing budgets more toward local tactics and campaigns. Big brands are finally rating digital tactics such as email and social media above television in terms of local effectiveness, and well above print or radio. Many spend at least a third of their budgets locally.  But is that money being spent effectively?

For this report, Street Fight surveyed advertising and marketing managers at more than 200 companies with at least 100 employees and multiple locations.  The report identifies enterprise local marketing best practices, including using online purchase data, tactics and ad formats to increase campaign effectiveness, and how best to track the effectiveness of your local marketing campaigns. It also includes a benchmarking self-test to help you evaluate your own business against industry best practices.

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Strategies for Selling

Most local merchants are growing or maintaining their overall marketing spending, and they’re shifting more of their budget to digital tactics.

In this latest report, a focus on key data in the comprehensive Local Merchant Report 2017, Street Fight’s analysis shows that it is worth a supplier’s trouble to start small and grow along with the customer. It would be ideal to be a one-stop provider of a suite of marketing services, both for revenue volume and customer lock-in, as well as for ease of integration and campaign coordination and optimization. But despite a fast-changing and fragmented market, it appears that most local merchants already work with multiple suppliers and are fairly comfortable doing so.

Scroll down for more details, and download this report today!

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Local Merchant Report – Analyst Hours

Sign up for two 30-minute inquiry sessions with David Card and get the 2017 Local Merchant Report (retail $499) for FREE!

The 2017 Local Merchant Report, our fourth, is an essential tool for local marketing solutions providers. We surveyed 250+ local merchants and discovered that social marketing and email are huge drivers, with technologies such as mobile payments and commerce integration on the horizon. It also found that merchants who spend at least $25,000 per year on digital marketing will continue to increase their spending. Meaning, once they’re in, they’re in.

For companies operating in this space, understanding how these insights tie directly to your business extends the Local Merchant Report’s practical use.

For the first time, we’re offering direct access to the report’s author, David Card, Street Fight’s director of research.

  • Discuss how you can capture the attention of social media-centric SMB merchants
  • Evaluate strategies for capitalizing on the spending momentum of local merchants
  • Build confidence in your ability to raise capital and extend your runway

Sign up for two 30-minute inquiry sessions with David Card and get the 2017 Local Merchant Report (retail $499) for FREE!

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The Local Merchant Report – Executive Summary

The fourth edition of the Local Merchant Report offers key insights that will help local marketing solutions providers set their strategy this year and going into 2018. Download the full report here, and get the report for free when you sign up for analyst hours with David Card, Street Fight director of research, to discuss how the report's findings apply to your business.

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The 2017 Local Merchant Report

Survey Data | Market Analysis | Case Studies | Product Strategies

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Local merchants are the backbone of the industry, the massive potential and promise of the disruptive, transformative solutions that have exploded onto the scene in the last ten years.

Local merchants have been slow to adapt in a meaningful way, however, and our fourth survey, captured in the Local Merchant Report out today, does show some positive upward trending, including:

• 72% rely on social media; 40% use paid Facebook ads
• 57% intend to significantly expand their spend in 2018
• Most of that will go toward social & email
• 60% of big spenders use CRM tools; smaller spenders use spreadsheets
• Their biggest pain point is SEO, followed by paid search
• They’re looking ahead to new technologies, especially at the register
— among other key insights!
  • Download the Executive Summary for free, and gain further insights in the full 2017 Local Merchant Report. What’s more, we’re offering access to the survey’s author, Street Fight director of research, David Card, to discuss how the report’s finding’s apply to your business.
  • Sign up for analyst hours here and get the Local Merchant Report FREE!

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