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At Mindbody, a Lesson in Focus

No Comments 02 June 2014 by

After a decade with little outside capital, MindBody has raised over $110 million dollars in the past four years to compete with the likes of Square and a deluge of smaller entrants. Street Fight recently caught up with the company's founder Rick Stollmeyer to talk about the blurring line between marketing and operations, and what the explosion of local technology today spells for small businesses tomorrow...

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Bonobos, an Ecommerce Darling, Finds an Edge in Brick-and-Mortar

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Last year, Bonobos, the upstart apparel brand that exploded selling pants to young professionals online, did something that seemed counterintuitive: it opened a physical store. Street Fight caught up with Erin Ersenkal, VP of Guide Shops and planning at Bonobos, to discuss the thinking behind the move into brick-and-mortar retail, the benefit of a showroom approach, and the value of a physical presence in building a new brand...

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Two Years After Pulling Back, Gilt City Moves Ahead

No Comments 14 May 2014 by

Following a retrenchment, Gilt City is growing again. Street Fight caught up with Steven Schneider, the president and general manager at the local shopping site, to talk about the evolution of local commerce, the business of curation, and the changing relationship between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar marketplaces for retailers...

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Two Years After Private Equity Carve-Out, What’s Next for YP?

2 Comments 06 May 2014 by

Two years ago, AT&T shed its local marketing business, selling a majority stake in its print and digital yellow pages assets to Cerberus Capital for $950 million in cash and debt. During a conversation with Street Fight, the company's CEO David Krantz said the company is well-ahead of where its private equity parent expected it would be, and discussed how YP planned reprise its role as a leading consumer brand...

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xAd Cityscape

xAd CEO: Small Businesses Still a ‘Huge, Huge Market’ for Ad Tech

No Comments 21 April 2014 by

Location marketing company xAd, which started as a search advertising firm five years ago, generated over $65 million in run-rate revenue by the end of last year, half of which came from small and medium-sized businesses. Street Fight recently caught up with the company's chief executive Dipanshu Sharma to discuss the challenges in finding recurring revenue in mobile, how location can solve that problem, and where the money would come from to build a lasting local advertising company in mobile...

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In Run-Up to IPO, Yodle Makes Its Bet on Local Marketing Automation

3 Comments 16 April 2014 by

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that local marketing firm Yodle was shopping for banks to underwrite a potential public offering. In an interview with Street Fight, Court Cunningham, chief executive at Yodle, declined to comment on the reports, but talked about the the evolution of the small business marketing space, the rise of local marketing automation, and the subsequent push by these companies to bundle services into an integrated product...

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Why UrbanSitter Raised $15M to Simplify Booking Babysitters

No Comments 11 April 2014 by

With Facebook Connect, UrbanSitter shows parents which sitters are hired and recommended by others in their community, and allows real-time updates and interaction when the sitters are on the job. Street Fight recently caught up with UrbanSitter founder and CEO Lynn Perkins to talk about the challenges in building trust and how her company thrives in the “flexible work economy” facilitated by mobile apps.

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verve logo

Will Mobile Ad Tech Consolidate? Not Yet, Says Verve CEO

No Comments 09 April 2014 by

There's a debate, particularly within mobile advertising technology, over whether location is a feature or a sector unto itself. Street Fight recently caught up with Tom MacIsaac, chief executive at Verve Mobile, one of the earliest mobile-local advertising technologies to the market, to discuss the prospect of consolidation, the data quality problem in mobile, and what the endgame might be for location ad tech...

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After Bust, LivingSocial Looks to Boom Again

No Comments 31 March 2014 by

LivingSocial isn’t quite the rocketship it was a few years ago. But, after a year of pulling back, and with a change in leadership in the works, the company is looking for a second wind. Street Fight recently caught up with Doug Miller, chief revenue officer at LivingSocial, to talk about where the company went wrong, how it plans to get back on track, and what wave it looks to ride next...

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Why Booker Wants to Blur the Line Between Marketing and Operations

No Comments 17 March 2014 by

Last year, Bain Capital poured $27 million into Booker, a company that builds scheduling and business management software for small and medium-sized salons. Today, the New York-based startup is working to push deeper into the front office, building a new suite of tools that use a business's operational data — booking data, payment information and the like — to engage with existing customers, and in some cases, find new ones...

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