Yelp VP Mike Ghaffary: We Are Now a Household Name


Mike Ghaffary, vice president of business and corporate development, spearheaded the acquisition of Eat24 and has led the Yelp Platform from the start. We caught up with Ghaffary to talk about what the acquisitions means for its Platform initiative, concerns among investors about slowing growth and what makes local, local.

What Programmatic Advertising Means for Local Media

Programmatic advertising

Street Fight caught up with Frost Prioleau, chief executive officer at Simplifi, a Dallas-based programmatic advertising platform that specializes in localized campaigns, to talk about what programmatic advertising means for local marketers…

Amazon and Yelp Want a Piece of Online Ordering — Here’s Why There’s Still Hope for Startups

chinese take out with smart phone on table and menu

A wave of consolidation in the food ordering industry has reignited the race to capture a $70 billion sector. But as market leaders go public and other firms barrel in on the industry, is there still room for younger companies to grow? CEO Matt Howard at EatStreet, one of the largest remaining independent ordering firms, thinks so.

Zomato Lays Groundwork for a Stateside Push — With Yelp in the Crosshairs


Last week, Zomato bought UrbanSpoon in a move that thrust the Indian restaurants-only reviews company into the North American spotlight. We caught up with Deepinder Goyal, the company’s chief executive, to talk about why he thinks food search is shifting to discovery…

Why Instacart’s $2 Billion Valuation Doesn’t Spell Bubble


No story has rekindled concerns about valuations like the ascent of Instacart, a local logistics firm whose recently raised $220 million at a $2 billion dollar valuation. We caught up with Instacart’s Nilam Ganenthiran to talk about how a delivery network could reshape the competitive landscape of local grocery markets…

How Google Wallet’s Ex-Product Lead Plans To Tell Retailers What You Buy


The company offers retailers a chance to link the mountain of data, available about consumers online, to the growing, but relatively opaque, credit card data collected by retailers in stores. Marc Freed-Finnegan, the company’s chief executive, spoke to Street Fight recently about the shift toward a more intelligent brick-and-mortar retail experience…