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Why Wall Street Should Be Paying Attention to Hyperlocal Analytics

No Comments 28 September 2012 by

The correlation between directional trends and sales trends appears to be quite strong. That’s great for marketers — but could be pure gold for Wall Street or for just about anyone trying to analyze how a company is doing on a month-by-month or week-by-week basis. In the future, hyperlocal could become not just a way to understand customers but a way to invest smarter and way to level the information playing field...

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Hyperlocal Sites Making a Church-and-State Mistake?

26 Comments 19 September 2012 by

Hyperlocal news sites are struggling to earn money. In part, that’s because they have imposed the artificial burden of a full church-state separation (ads / news) like the New York Times and other top-flight pubs. In an ideal world, this separation works. But in small town papers or small papers covering hyperlocal areas, church and state will never be separate – and never have been.

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While SMBs Focus on Social, Online Reviews May Have More Impact

2 Comments 05 September 2012 by

If they have a choice between social media marketing and better customer service or a better product, small businesses may in fact be better off focusing on the product rather than the marketing push. You can have the best Twitter patter and the finest Facebook page — but a half-star rating change on Yelp because you failed to flip that burger in time or didn’t make eye contact with a customer might ultimately have a bigger effect on the bottom line...

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Why Are Local Search Results Polluted With Bad Content?

3 Comments 29 August 2012 by

Really good local is half Q&A, half search and includes enough activity and ratings and comments to provide more than temporal relevance. But many sites that come up high in searches have few ratings, and don’t provide me with particularly useful or relevant information. And there is rarely a social graph overlay...

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Personal Fight

As Social Media Hype Wanes, Appeal of Hyperlocal Remains

No Comments 22 August 2012 by

While social media is here to stay, the market shares a lot more with the online advertising segment than, say, the SaaS subscription business. Social media is only as sticky as its user base and only as attractive as it is fresh. I am sure that there are real benefits to tapping a social graph for sales. But I am becoming more sure that those benefits are incremental and evolutionary, rather than a step change...

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Personal Fight

New Klout Further Breaks Down Social Influence, Still Needs to Get More Local

4 Comments 15 August 2012 by

Klout was gracious enough to put me on the beta list for their new version and I spent the better part of Tuesday trying it out. The revision is still in beta but should go out to the entire Klout userbase shortly. My impressions were largely positive, although I still reserve judgement on the utility of Klout. Putting my hyperlocal hat on, I’d like to see impact from even more social graph inputs such as FoodSpotting, for example, and Yelp — also tagged to geography...

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Personal Fight

Advice for Mayer: Make Yahoo the Local King of the ‘Internet of Things’

No Comments 18 July 2012 by

Local and mobile are two areas where Yahoo could shore up its business and, over time, dramatically improve its results. And if it plays the game well, it might be able to shift from a portal to a more dynamic provider of useful things for a hungry, mobile, social Web populace...

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Personal Fight

Twitter Loses Significant Local Audience in Cutting Off LinkedIn

No Comments 11 July 2012 by

In the purely hyperlocal sense of the word, LinkedIn is not like a or a Foursquare. But, like Facebook, it is one of the primary filters though which people view social graph data. And social graph data, by definition, is local to some degree. Twitter's decision to exclude the network from its API risks giving up on sizable growth opportunities...

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Personal Fight

As Content and Commerce Merge, Gilt Comes Out Ahead

No Comments 06 July 2012 by

Gilt Groupe gets that shopping and magazines (or what used to be magazines) are rapidly merging. Rather than make an nod to editorial with stupid puns and obnoxious copy (not naming names, but), Gilt took a different approach, hiring journalists or writers with expertise or knowledge in the field. And they gave those writers a mandate to create useful content that not only plugs the wares but also, equally, is useful and interesting...

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Why Mobile Can’t ‘Save’ Local News

No Comments 20 June 2012 by

The only thing that saves local news is really good, unique local content and community allegiances that make it clear the news product is more than just a way to make money. The commitment has to be obvious. This is why a handful of mom-and-pop hyperlocal blogs have flourished as lucrative small businesses. And this is why the best growth at Patch is driven by the most committed local editors who weave themselves into the community fabric...

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