LBMA Podcast: Spayce App and Glympse for Cars

On the show: Cold Savings from Mark’s Work Wearhouse; Ambygear smart watch for kids; Tag Heuer says it wants to launch a smart watch; Virtual Beacons from SmartFocus…

LBMA Podcast: Samsung Buys LoopPay, Skoda Uses AR for Sales


On the show: Beijing Municipal Administration launching wearable transit passes; Smartstones touch; Branch Out launches digital detox movement; Travel by helicopter with Gotham Air; trying to be the Uber for tow trucks; Mattel and Google are bringing back the Viewmaster…

LBMA Podcast: Factual Partners With Metadata, Thinknear Discusses Location Score Index


On the show: partners with KLM; Capital Radio + Outdoor Plus bring music to billboards in real time; Alibaba tests drone delivery; Wheely’s Cafe sells modern coffee carts; Sportsman Tracker is funded; Yahoo! + Flickr = Wetter; TripAdvisor buys ZeTrip; and PayPal invests in Pulsate….

LBMA Podcast: Samsung’s Mobile Payments, Trippeo CEO


; Adobe’s Target and Campaign services; Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act; Drones for Good; Maponics Communities; Unacast & TCS partner; Merrell moves into virtual reality; American Express + HUSH; Facebook Place Tips; Dallas Mavericks partner with Tixsee + Adarsh Pallian of Trippeo.

LBMA Podcast: Microsoft’s HoloLens, Sense360’s Eli Portnoy


On the show: ShopX gives away 1 million beacons for free; SpaceBillboard; Bud Light’s beer delivery app; Google Translate in real time; Bluebite partners with Lamar to make LaBite; Skin & Bones from the Smithsonian; Is Google buying SoftCard?; and Shazam can beacon now…

LBMA Podcast: Snapchat for Business, Iconeme CEO


On the show: Panasonic reinvents the retail shelf; the Locr platform; Moovit closes $50m to help public transportation; Deehubs makes us all vandals; Softcard deflating?; Uber Cargo launches in Hong Kong; RetailNext and StepsAway; Path Talk pretty; Je Suis Charlie app…