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Off the Block

As Seamless Nears IPO, Search and Commerce Continue on Collision Course

No Comments 24 February 2014 by

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that GrubHub Seamless had made a confidential filing for an initial public offering. The move puts the food ordering giant on a collision course with Yelp and Google as the three firms look to wrangle local consumers who increasingly expect to search, compare and buy in a single keystroke...

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Off the Block

Breakfast, a Marketing Agency and Hardware Shop, Offers a Peek Into a Post-Mobile World

No Comments 19 February 2014 by

Last week, Fast Company named Breakfast, a small marketing agency in Brooklyn, one of the top 10 most innovative companies in local. The firm’s newest project, a digital signage system called Points, is the culmination of the company’s two-year-long effort to integrate the Internet into the physical world, and an demonstration of a wider shift in the technology and marketing communities beyond the small screens of the mobile phone into a burgeoning Internet of Things...

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Off the Block

As Offline Purchase Data Comes Online, Changes in Store for Local Marketing

1 Comment 05 February 2014 by

If exchange is the purpose of a marketplace, transaction data — information about who bought what from whom, and for how much — is its pulse. With 90% of transactions occurring offline, the growth of connected payments, and the subsequent ability for businesses and consumers to understand who’s buying what in the real-world, has deep implications not only for the local marketplace, but for the wider digital economy as well....

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Off the Block

Handy mit Positionszeigern

How the Internet of Things Could Spawn a New Kind of Analytics

2 Comments 29 January 2014 by

A new set of technology companies are working to help transform the way businesses understand consumer behavior in the real world. Powering these new technologies is a burgeoning web of connected devices — from smartphones and thermostats to wireless routers and traffic cameras — that constantly collect a river of information about their surroundings...

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With Perfect Information, Does ‘Awareness’ Becomes Obsolete?

1 Comment 21 January 2014 by

In a world in which information is finite and often inaccessible, the ability for a business to be top of mind — to carve out a little spot in a consumer's memory — was a powerful competitive advantage, and one that drove the way businesses sold goods and services to local consumers. But thanks to the rapid adoptions of mobile devices by consumers and the emergence of inexpensive cloud-based operations software, that’s changing...

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Off the Block


The Patch Saga, and Its Implications for Local Media

13 Comments 17 January 2014 by

Aol’s decision to unload its struggling hyperlocal network earlier this week may not have been unexpected, but the distressed property's fire sale does carry with it some broader questions, even as many local media companies have recently started to see signs of reinvestment...

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Off the Block

Data digital flow

The Real World Is on the Verge of Its Own Data Revolution

No Comments 14 January 2014 by

With nearly 9 billion devices connecting to the web today, the malls and main streets where consumers still spend 90% of their income are on the verge of their own data revolution. A world of connected devices — from smartphones and tablets to wi-fi routers and bluetooth beacons — are measuring the comings and goings of buyers and sellers locally, creating a new dataset that businesses, consumers and technology companies can use to create a better, more efficient local marketplace...

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Off the Block

Hyperlocal M&A in 2014 — Here’s What the Big Acquirers Are Looking For

No Comments 08 January 2014 by

YP's acquisition of Sense Networks earlier this week comes as M&A activity in the local technology continues to increase, with the market seeing the number of large, double digit deals increase in 2013. Here’s a quick look at several major players who may currently be in the hunt for locally focused acquisitions and what they might be looking for.

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Off the Block

There’s a New ‘Local’ Industry in the Making

2 Comments 30 December 2013 by

Call it local media, marketing, or commerce — but the existing terminology and classifications used to describe the “local” industry simply do not fit anymore. What’s emerged in 2013 is a community of technology companies, organized around the idea of creating a better, more connected local marketplace...

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Off the Block

When Will Big Retail Rethink Point-of-Sale? Sooner Than You Think

1 Comment 23 December 2013 by

Revel Systems wants to bring the tablet-based point-of-sale model upstream and disrupt the entrenched cadre of existing business software providers, which generated billions in revenue last year. Revel’s founder Lisa Falzone, a Stanford grad and one-time hedge funder, spun the company out of an online ordering app in 2010. Since then, Falzone and her team have raised over $14 million in venture funding, and have activated over 5,000 accounts...

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