Could the Mobile Ad Industry Spin off a Data Business?

CPU Unit Server Room Data Center

The data collected by mobile companies is often far more comprehensive than their online counterparts, offering insights into the complexities of consumer behavior between places — not just websites. The question facing mobile advertising executives is whether that data might actually become a business in its own right.

WeddingWire CEO: Building Technology For The Ephemeral Consumer


The ephemeral quality of the wedding consumer creates a fascinating dynamic for technology companies that serve the market. Last week, Street Fight caught up with WeddingWire CEO Tim Chi to talk about the changing opportunity for vertical marketplaces, and the role of software in building relationships with merchants…

Hyperlocal M&A in 2015 — Here’s What Some Potential Acquirers Are Looking For


With the new year just around the corner, corporate development teams are undoubtedly gearing up for 2015 acquisitions. The local technology industry saw plenty of M&A activity in 2014 and remains poised for another busy year as established firms look to stay on top and a new batch of public companies come into capital…

What Do The Internet and Your Commute Have In Common? A Lot More Than You Think.


A handful of ex-engineers from Google and a specialist from Stanford want to take their learning from playing traffic cop on the web to solve the congestion problems plaguing some of the world’s business cities. Their insights into managing congestion at Urban Engines could have valuable lessons for managing local commerce…

The Clever Solution Behind Path’s Place Messaging Service


In late September, the company added a feature to its messaging app called Places that allows users to text local businesses with questions, and, often within minutes, receive an answer. The experience is simple and habitual for both merchant and consumer, yet the infrastructure inside is a patchwork blend of technology and people that demonstrates a remarkable empathy for the realities of the market today…