Can Local Media Find New Opportunities by Catering to Brands?


“Journalism is Dead, Long Live Journalism” is the theme of a conference I’ll be attending this week in Denver. And the name isn’t a surprising one — there’s been a lot of angst lately about the emerging business models for digital journalism. Futility can be difficult, but it also can bring sea change. With that in mind, here are a few of the ideas I’ll likely be discussing with folks at the conference.

Alt-Weeklies Struggling — Can They Leverage SMB Relationships to Connect Online?


While alt-weeklies really used to own the market for irreverent commentary and events listings in cities around the country, the introduction of online competition over the past decade has really degraded their snarky monopolies. Tiffany Shackelford, executive director at the Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN), spoke to Street Fight recently about how alt-weeklies need to evolve their strategic thinking…

Local Listings Spread — From One Site to Hundreds

One recurring theme at last week’s Street Fight Summit concerned the ongoing project of creating, organizing, and aggregating data and content associated with location. For SMBs, the new marketing strategy favors dispersed deployment of enhanced content across multiple media and mobile services…

4 Hyperlocal Trends to Watch in 2013

2012’s rush to capture the hyperlocal audience has begun to wane as the reality sets in that while the online SMB market is huge and untapped, it remains hard to get those mom-and-pops to spend money on newfangled marketing methods. Last year’s intense startup activity has revealed four trends going into 2013…

What Kinds of Mobile Ads Are Most Effective?

mobile phone user

Mobile advertising works best when it’s not in the form of a banner ad. On a panel at the Mobile Loco conference in San Francisco this week, participants agreed that the most promising approach is serving interesting content formatted to smartphones and tablets as a part of a contextual marketing strategy. The more an advertisement looks like a mobile app, the more consumer acceptance it will garner…

SMB Social Media Is All About Branding, Not Conversions

SMBs may become frustrated when they can’t see tangible results from social media, but they should realize that most of their potential customers are absorbing and reacting to social media conversations and understanding brands through these interactions. Brand marketing, not the 0% conversion rates, is social media’s key strength…

Hyperlocal Retail Directories Go After ‘Shop Local’ Consumers


Two key reasons why consumers shop local is immediacy of purchase and physical confirmation of product, (i.e. making sure a shoe fits). Fab and Etsy can’t ship their products to you for delivery this afternoon — and it’s tedious for a consumer to filter product offerings based on retail location. That leaves room for hyperlocal retail directories like , which curates designers in Los Angeles for discovery by local consumers…

TurnHere Becomes Local Photo/Video Marketplace SmartShoot


Turnhere, founded in 2005, leveraged the video marketing wave by working with resale partners like Yelp and Citysearch to help SMBs create one-minute video sales pieces. According to the company’s CEO, Turnhere could boast a compelling capture rate, over 80% of inquiries for this short SMB video would result in a transaction. So with high close rates embedded in the business model, why pivot?