Case Study: Bubble Tea Shops Use Boosted Facebook Posts for Customer Acquisition

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Like many merchants, the team behind Boba Guys relies primarily on unpaid marketing campaigns for customer retention, using organic tactics like posting exclusives and inside news on social media. Ten percent of Boba Guys’ marketing is aimed at customer acquisition.

Case Study: Using Pre-Order Apps to Streamline Lunch Operations

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Given its location in the mid-Market area of San Francisco, Alta CA has a unique clientele. The bustling neighborhood restaurant has customers who are willing to try out the latest apps and services, and as a result it’s become a sort-of testing ground for hyperlocal marketing solutions…

Case Study: How a Hardware Store Measures Hyperlocal Marketing Success


From flash sales and local delivery, to social promotions, email marketing, text message customer service, and even print newsletters, Cole Hardware uses it all. The San Francisco hardware store takes a more-is-more approach to hyperlocal marketing…

Case Study: QSR Chain Drives Revenue With Hyperlocal Tools


When it comes to selecting which hyperlocal platforms he’ll adopt at Mixt Greens, co-founder David Silverglide is clear on what he’s looking for: “It needs to be driving incremental revenue. It can’t just be trying to siphon off our existing customer base in a different way, or shifting them to a new platform…”

Case Study: Boxing Gym Uses Mobile Flyers to Attract Crowds


Paul Wade, the owner of Third Street Boxing Gym in San Francisco, is a self-professed technophobe. But noticed an increase in the number of people coming into his gym with smartphones in their hands, and he had a nagging feeling that there could be better ways to promote his live boxing events than the printed posters and flyers he’d been creating with the help of a graphic designer for the past 10 years…

Case Study: Tampa Restaurant Boosts Business With Mobile Waitlist


By integrating mobile waitlist management platforms into their business operations, restaurants may be able to increase the length of time that guests are willing to wait for tables. This makes it possible to get more customers seated in the average day or night, and ultimately boosts the bottom line for restaurants…

Case Study: Using Hyperlocal to Get Around Franchise Marketing Restrictions


Rather than feeling stifled by T-Mobile’s promotion restrictions, Robert Keyser, A-1 Wireless’ director of sales and operation, says he challenged himself to find a local marketing solution that would fit. T-Mobile was willing to approve his use of LoyalBlocks because the company didn’t feel that the platform would hurt their brand…

Case Study: Mountain Shop Finds Balance Between Paid and Unpaid Promotions


Soon after taking over control of the 34-year-old mountain shop Alpenglow Sports, in Tahoe City, California, Brendan Madigan got to work crafting a strategic marketing plan that included both online and offline initiatives and relied heavily on social media for generating awareness among customers in his target demographics…