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Is Location More Than a Feature in Mobile Advertising?

1 Comment 06 November 2014 by

The rise of smartphones has created a wealth of location data that marketers on both the buy- and sell-side are desperate to capitalize on. But is location really more than just another targeting mechanism for mobile advertising? That was the question posed to a Street Fight Summit panel Tuesday…

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Is Your MVP a Minimum Viable Channel?

No Comments 05 November 2014 by

“Just because you have product/market fit, don’t raise money until you have validated your channel,” said Closely CEO Perry Evans. “We might have been able to be a successful business — but we shouldn’t have been a business that took venture capital. We couldn’t produce the return the VCs needed.”

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Five Hyperlocal Startups to Watch

4 Comments 05 November 2014 by

At the Street Fight Summit on Tuesday afternoon, startup investor and mentor Laurel Touby quizzed five founders about their plans for world domination and developing a viable business model to support it. Here’s what we learned…

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The Rise of Marketing Automation in Local’s Next Act

No Comments 04 November 2014 by

Marketing automation isn’t just for the biggest companies in the world anymore. Thanks to companies like Booker, Signpost, Shopkeep, and others, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have access to the data and the tools to reach their customers in smart, efficient ways while minimizing the hassle on the backend…

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Angie’s List Reports Wider-Than-Expected Loss, Stock Tanks

No Comments 22 October 2014 by

The company reported the addition of 350,376 gross paid memberships during the period, down six percent from the third quarter of 2013. Its stock price fell more than 17% percent on Wednesday, continuing an 18-month drop…

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Webinar: Brands Beginning to Find Value in Local Data

No Comments 01 May 2014 by

“If we can understand a person’s location and what’s going on around them, we have a much better view as to who they are and how we might be able to communicate with them,” Brett Leary, VP/Group Director of Digitas said during a Street Fight webinar Thursday…

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#SFSNYC VIDEO: Scale Still Elusive for Hyperlocals, But Hope Springs Eternal

4 Comments 15 November 2013 by

According to BuzzMachine blogger and author Jeff Jarvis, AOL’s Patch did hyperlocal scale all wrong: “What they should have been was a sales network for local sites,” he said during a conversation with CBS Local Digital Media President Ezra Kucharz at Street Fight Summit last month. “If that existed, other local sites would have been […]

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The future of local lies in partnerships. That was the topic of a wide-ranging discussion between Ohad Tzur, North America Lead for Google's Wildfire partnership program, CEO Jed Kleckner, and Leaf CEO Aron Schwarzkopf, during a panel at Street Fight Summit on Friday morning...

Why Partnerships Are Key to the Future of Local

1 Comment 26 October 2013 by

The future of local lies in partnerships. That was the topic of a wide-ranging discussion between Ohad Tzur, North America Lead for Google’s Wildfire partnership program, CEO Jed Kleckner, and Leaf CEO Aron Schwarzkopf, during a panel at Street Fight Summit on Friday morning…

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Tim O'Shaugnessy

LivingSocial CEO: Our Business Isn’t ‘Daily Deals,’ It’s Ad Dollars

No Comments 25 October 2013 by

“We realized with the asset base that we had that we should be able to do other things and leverage it into new areas,” said Tim O’Shaughnessy at Street Fight Summit on Thursday in New York. “How do we take the hundreds of thousands of merchants that we work with, the tens of millions of […]

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Well-Funded SocialRadar Works on App for Local Social Discovery

1 Comment 06 September 2013 by

In April, Blackboard co-founder Michael Chasen founded a new venture called SocialRadar, planning to build a new app that will provide real-time location-specific information about people nearby. Eight weeks later, Chasen and his team raised nearly $13 million. We asked Chasen about his quick and successful fundraise, how Blackboard informed the founding of SocialRadar, and […]

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